Motherboard accessories

In this category we show you all accessories around your motherboard. The motherboard, often also called motherboard or mainboard, is the control center of every computer. On it, other components such as the processor (CPU) or the RAM modules are mounted and there are also other interfaces and slots for extensions such as graphics cards, sound cards or hard disk and drive connectors. Motherboards can be divided into different categories such as microATX or ATX in terms of size (also called form factor). There are also differences in the area of application - while gaming motherboards offer a lot of space and numerous connections for graphics cards as well as fast LAN or Ethernet connections, business motherboards include various external connection options such as USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.

In our online shop you can find mainboard accessories of well-known manufacturers like Adafruit, Asus, Delock, Exsys, HPE, LSI, NZXT and Raspberry Pi.