Mobile device adapters

Our online shop offers you many mobile phone adapters from Apple, Huawei, Samsung, Sony, Belkin and so on.

We have various smartphone adapters on offer: Micro-USB to USB-C adapter, USB-A to USB-C adapter,
Lightning adapter, Micro-USB to Lightning adapter, USB-C to HDMI adapter, Lightning to SD card adapter (SD card reader), USB-C audio adapter and other 3.5mm audio adapter / headphone jack adapter and much more.

This allows you to make all your devices optimally compatible and connect with each other.

We also offer storage expansions for your mobile phone or iPhone so you always have enough storage space for all your photos, videos, media and files. Sandisk's iXpand adapters with different storage sizes are ideal for this. Such a storage expansion for your mobile phone is especially useful for holidays and travel, but of course also helpful in everyday life.

Of course, you can also use all these adapters for your tablet. So these are also Tablet Adapters.

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Apple - Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter (Lightning, 3.5mm)

Apple - Lightning Digital AV Adapter (Lightning, HDMI (type A), Lightning)

Sandisk - iXpand Flash Drive Go 128GB (USB Type A, Lightning)

Samsung - USB-C Audio-Adapter (USB-C, 3.5mm)

Apple - Multiport (USB-C, HDMI (type A), USB Type A, USB Type C)

Huawei - CM20 (USB-C, 3.5mm)

Sandisk - iXpand Flash Drive Go 256GB (USB Type A, Lightning)

Delock - Adapter USB-C (Micro USB, USB Type C)

Apple - Lightning USB 3 Kamera-Adapter (Lightning, Lightning, USB Type A)

Delock - 2er Set Adapter USB-C

Apple - Lightning auf SD Kartenlesegerät

Apple - USB-C Headphone Adapter (USB-C, 3.5mm)

Belkin - RockStar (Lightning, 2 x Lightning)

4smarts - Adapter USB-C to USB-C & 3.5mm jack (USB-C, 3.5mm)

Delock - USB C Audio Adapter (USB-C, 3.5mm)