In professional audio, a mixing console, or audio mixer, also called a sound board or soundboard, is an electronic device for combining (also called "mixing"), routing, and changing the level, timbre and/or dynamics of audio signals. A mixer can mix analog or digital signals, depending on the type of mixer. The modified signals (voltages or digital samples) are summed to produce the combined output signals.

Mixing consoles are used in many applications, including recording studios, public address systems, sound reinforcement systems, broadcasting, television, and film post-production. An example of a simple application would be to enable the signals that originated from two separate microphones (each being used by vocalists singing a duet, perhaps) to be heard through one set of speakers simultaneously. When used for live performances, the signal produced by the mixer will usually be sent directly to an amplifier, unless that particular mixer is "powered" or it is being connected to powered speakers.

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RODECaster Pro (Studio- and Livemixer)
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RØDE RODECaster Pro (Studio- and Livemixer)
Mix8 (Studio- and Livemixer)
Mackie Mix8 (Studio- and Livemixer)
notepad-8FX (Studio- and Livemixer)
Soundcraft notepad-8FX (Studio- and Livemixer)
L-20 LiveTrak (Studio- and Livemixer)
Zoom L-20 LiveTrak (Studio- and Livemixer)
GO:MIXER (Studio- and Livemixer)
Roland GO:MIXER (Studio- and Livemixer)
Mix5 (Studio- and Livemixer)
Mackie Mix5 (Studio- and Livemixer)
M6 USB (Studio- and Livemixer)
Numark M6 USB (Studio- and Livemixer)
LiveTrak L-12 (Studio- and Livemixer)
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Zoom LiveTrak L-12 (Studio- and Livemixer)
Ui24R (Studio- and Livemixer)
Soundcraft Ui24R (Studio- and Livemixer)
L-20R LiveTrak (Studio- and Livemixer)
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Zoom L-20R LiveTrak (Studio- and Livemixer)
MultiMix 4 USB (Studio- and Livemixer)
Alesis MultiMix 4 USB (Studio- and Livemixer)
DJM-250MK2 (Clubmixer)
Pioneer DJ DJM-250MK2 (Clubmixer)
Big Knob Passive (Studio- and Livemixer)
Mackie Big Knob Passive (Studio- and Livemixer)
DN-312X (Line-mixer)
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Denon DN-312X (Line-mixer)
Signature 16 (Studio- and Livemixer)
Soundcraft Signature 16 (Studio- and Livemixer)