Headphone stands

A headphone stand gives the headphones a home and keeps the desk tidy.

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steelseries - HS1 Aluminum Headset stand (Black)

K&M - 16090 Tischhalterung (Black)

Corsair - ST100 (Black)

Avantree - HS102

SPEEDLINK - Gaming Headset Stand (Black / Red)

Piranha - headset stand (Black)

ASUS - ROG Throne (Black)

K&M - 16310 Wandhalterung

Multibrackets - Headset Holder (White)

LogiLink - AA0105 Kopfhörer-Halter (Silver)

Razer - Base Station Chroma (quartz)

Just Mobile - Headstand (Silver)

Multibrackets - Headset Holder (Black)

Multibrackets - Headset Holder (Silver)

SPEEDLINK - Estrado (White)