Slip-on flashes are external flashes that are attached to the hot shoe of your camera. The external flash needs its own batteries, but offers you much more power than a flash already integrated in the camera. You can also rotate and move the attachable system flash. This allows you to flexibly adjust the light intensity and flash direction, play with light effects and shadows and compensate for difficult lighting conditions. This is the big advantage over the flashes already integrated in the camera. The latter often produce hard shadows or overexposed foreground because the flash comes from the front and you can't adjust it.

The external flash must be synchronized with the shutter speed of your camera. The "TTL flash mode" is usually responsible for best results. Here all exposure influences are taken into account by measuring the light coming through the lens and adjusting the flash intensity accordingly. For mega detailed macro shots, there are macro flashes that can illuminate even the smallest and extremely close objects optimally without creating shadows. Since the external flash must match the camera, most camera brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Fujifilm offer external flashes. But also third party manufacturers such as Metz, Sigma and Dörr offer flashes for different camera brands. You can find all models and brands in our online shop at digitec.ch.