External hard drives

Depending on the application, we recommend that you pay attention to the following characteristics when purchasing an external HDD:
If you are primarily looking
for a portable hard disk or want to exchange data between different devices in an uncomplicated way, a 2.5'' hard disk with power supply via an integrated USB interface is the best choice. These smaller hard disks usually have a storage capacity of up to 5TB.

When selecting the connection, the speed differences are shown. Most manufacturers today rely on the fast USB 3.0 standard. Newer hard disks already have the universal USB Type-C connection. Individual models also have the option of exchanging data via WiFi.

For home users who want to back up their documents and multimedia data such as holiday photos, we recommend external hard disks with a size of 3.5'' and a storage capacity of 4TB or more. For Mac users, it is recommended to consider products with the fast Thunderbolt connector.