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An e-book reader, or eReader for short, is a reader for displaying electronically stored book contents [eBooks].

eReaders are displacing traditional books more
and more from year to year. No wonder. These things are incredibly practical. Compact, light, space for thousands of books and with the right case you even get a real book feeling. With us you will find a large selection of different brands such as the Tolino by OrellFüssli, the Kindle by Amazon, the PocketBook, the Kobo and also the Bookeen eReader. 

What all devices have in common is that they are easy to read even in the brightest sunlight. This is made possible by the so-called E-Ink display. In contrast to tablets, which reflect light rays of the sun so strongly with their LED or OLED displays that they can only be used as mirrors. Furthermore, eReaders have an enormous battery life, which can amount to several months. Depending on the technology, the devices only need power when leafing through them. This makes them extremely energy-saving.

In addition, eReaders are much lighter and more compact than books. The advantages of this can be felt after just a few minutes, for example when you exchange George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" tome for an eBook 1 megabyte in size.
If you like reading in bed, you can be happy - especially if your partner prefers to sleep and you have to turn off the light. Apart from the very inexpensive entry-level devices, practically all models have integrated lighting, so that you can relax and read even in the dark.

While eReaders are less robust than books, some are equipped with practical water resistance. Perfect if you want to read on the beach or in the bathtub.
Do you like to read comics? Well, with a few exceptions, eReader displays are black and white. This means that they are only moderately suitable for reading colourful magazines. We recommend our tablet assortment to comic fans.

Under "eReader Accessories" you will find protective sleeves, fine leather sleeves and more. Ideal if you want to take your device with you when you travel.