Analogue cameras + Film

Who does not know the good analog Polaroid camera? The analog cameras are currently back in fashion. Who does not want to wait so long until the film is developed, will be happy with an instant camera that prints the photo immediately. Here you can find various models from Fujifilm, Polaroid and Leica. For these cameras to work, you need either the appropriate analog or instant film.

For instant film, make sure that it fits into your instant camera. Fujifilm offers two different types of film: Fujifilm Instax Mini and Fujifilm Instax Film. The latter also fits the Leica Instax and the Fujifilm Instax printer. For the Polaroid Snap and Snap Touch there is a suitable film available directly from Polaroid. Fujifilm has the largest selection of different designs: You can get online films with white, black or rainbow-coloured frames. Star Wars and Hello Kitty are available as well as monochrome film that prints your photo in black and white.

For the just again trendy analogue photography you have to consider a little bit more when choosing a film. The most common film formats are 35mm film (135) and roll film (120). There are different film types for both film formats: There are the colour negative films, the colour slide films and the black and white films. How you decide is entirely up to you. The only thing you have to consider is the ISO value of the respective film. Most films have an ISO value between 100 and 800, and the higher this number, the more photosensitive your film is. So choose a lower number during the day and a higher one at night.