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Toshiba DT01ACA100 (1TB, 3.5", Desktop) Actual product image
CHF 47.80

Toshiba DT01ACA100 (1TB, 3.5", Desktop)


4k Sectors, Advanced Format 512e

Bulk version (without cables and screws)


Key specifications

Access time (read)0.60 ms
InterfaceSATA III
Power consumption6.40 W

General information

Manufacturer Toshiba
Product type Hard drives

Hard drives

A hard disk drive, often abbreviated hard drive or HDD, is a magnetic storage device used for storing data. Data is written on the surface of a rotating disk that is coated with magnetic material and magnetized according to the recorded information. One of the main advantages of hard drives is the low price for capacity. The biggest drawback is its mechanism, which is fault-prone and slower than flash memory. Hard drives are ideal for storing or streaming large amounts of data.

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Item number353190
Manufacturer no.DT01ACA100
Release date16.08.2012
Sales rank in Product type Hard drives49 of 270

Data storage properties

Computer storage interface
Form factor
HDD capacity
1 TB
Buffer size

Buffer size

In computer science, a buffer is a region of a physical memory storage used to temporarily hold data while it is being moved from one place to another. Typically, the data is stored in a buffer as it is retrieved from an input device (such as a mouse) or just before it is sent to an output device (such as speakers). However, a buffer may be used when moving data between processes within a computer. This is comparable to buffers in telecommunication. Buffers can be implemented in a fixed memory location in hardware - or by using a virtual data buffer in software, pointing at a location in the physical memory. In all cases, the data stored in a data buffer, are stored on a physical storage media.

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32 MB
Disk sector size

Disk sector size

In computer disk storage, a sector is a subdivision of a track on a magnetic disk or optical disc. Each sector stores a fixed amount of user data. Traditional formatting of these storage media provides space for 512 bytes or 2048 bytes of user-accessible data per sector. Newer hard drives use 4096 byte (4 KB or 4K) Advanced Format sectors.

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4096000 B
Maximum rotation speed
7200 RPM
Access time (read)
0.60 ms
Access time (write)
0.80 ms
Computer type


The device is suitable for everyday tasks on a desktop computer.

Operating conditions

Operating temperature
0 - 60 °C
Operating humidity

Operating humidity

Humidity is a term for the amount of water vapor in air, and can refer to any one of several measurements of humidity. Formally, humid air is not "moist air" but a mixture of air and water vapor, and humidity is defined in terms of the water content of this mixture, called the Absolute humidity. In everyday usage, it commonly refers to relative humidity, expressed as a percent in weather forecasts and on household humidistats; it is so called because it measures the current absolute humidity relative to the maximum. Specific humidity is a ratio of the water vapor content of the mixture to the dry air content (on a mass basis). The water vapor content of the mixture can be measured either as mass per volume or as a partial pressure, depending on the usage.

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Noise emission

Noise level (max.)
26 dB

Power supply


Power supply

All power supply related details.

Power consumption
6.40 W
Power consumption (standby)

Power consumption (standby)

In electrical engineering, power consumption refers to the electrical energy over time that must be supplied to an electrical appliance to maintain its operation. The power consumption is usually a result of power used to perform the intended function of the device plus additional "wasted" power that is dissipated as heat, vibration and/or electromagnetic waves.

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1 W

Product dimensions

14.70 cm
10.16 cm
2.61 cm

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Returns and warranty

Dead on arrival (DOA) 14 Days Bring-in
Warranty 24 month Bring-in
30-day right of return

30-day right of return

Unfortunately, we cannot accept a product if it is damaged, incomplete or missing its original packaging.

Returns and warranty

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Warranty services

Warranty extension

Warranty extension

Extension of the manufacturer's warranty.

to 4 years CHF 11.10

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Mail delivery

approx. 8 – 10 days
8 piece(s) ordered from the supplier.


All locations

approx. 8 – 10 days
8 piece(s) ordered from the supplier.

If ordered immediately. Information subject to change.

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User milchmann
DT01ACA100 (1TB, 3.5", Desktop)

Bis anhin funktioniert diese Platte ok. Geschwindi...

Bis anhin funktioniert diese Platte ok. Geschwindigkeit ist in meinem Fall kein Thema. Was aber schade ist, ist das er nicht mit SATA-1 Controller zu funktionieren scheint... nicht so backwards kompatibel wie gedacht!


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Toshiba DT01ACA100 (1TB, 3.5", Desktop) Toshiba DT01ACA100 (1TB, 3.5", Desktop)