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The Johnny-Five Inventor's Kit (J5IK) is your go-to source for
developing projects using the Tessel 2 and the Johnny-Five programming

With the J5IK you will be able to build JavaScript-powered hardware by
marrying common software language with powerful hardware. This kit
includes everything you need to complete 14 circuits that will teach
you how to control and read external sensors and displays, control
motors, learn JavaScript, and much more. With the J5IK, you won't need
any previous programming or electronics experience to use this kit
though if you do possess such skills they will certainly aid you.
After using this kit you'll have the know-how to start creating your
own IoT projects and experiments, all thanks to Johnny-Five!

Johnny-Five is an Open Source Robotics and IoT platform based on the
IO-Plugin protocol. Released by Bocoup in 2012, Johnny-Five is
maintained by a community of passionate software developers and
hardware engineers. Over 75 developers have made contributions towards
building a robust, extensible and composable ecosystem.

The on-line Experiment Guide for the J5IK (that will be released when
the kit starts shipping) contains step by step instructions of how to
connect each circuit with the included parts. Full example code is
provided and explained and even includes troubleshooting tips if
something goes wrong.

The kit does not require any soldering and is recommended for anyone
comfortable learning new programming languages or if you are looking
for an alternative to the original SparkFun Inventor's Kit.

Circuit Experiments:

* Experiment 1: Blink
* Experiment 2: Multiple LEDs
* Experiment 3: Reading a Sensor - Potentiometer
* Experiment 4: Reading a Button
* Experiment 5: Reading a Switch
* Experiment 6: Reading a Light Sensor
* Experiment 7: Fading an LED
* Experiment 8: Controlling an RGB LED
* Experiment 9: Using an H-Bridge - Motor Control
* Experiment 10: I2C Sensor with BMP180
* Experiment 11: Moisture Sensor
* Experiment 12: LCD Screen
* Experiment 13: Shift Register + LEDs
* Experiment 14: Shift Register + Seven Segment

Kit Includes:

* Tessel 2
* White Breadboard
* SparkFun Motor Driver
* SparkFun Soil Moisture Sensor (With Screw Terminals)
* SparkFun BME280 Breakout (With Headers)
* 16x2 Character LCD - White on Black (With Headers)
* 7 Segment Display
* Hobby Gearmotor (Pair)
* Shift Register
* Magnetic Door Switch Set
* Mini Photocell
* Switch (SPDT)
* Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green Tactile Buttons
* Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green LEDs
* Trimpot - 10K
* Jumper Wires - M/M 6"
* USB microB Cable - 6 Foot
* Wall Charger - 5V USB (1A)
* 10K Ohm Resistors
* 100 Ohm Resistors


* Online Experiment Guide [1]
* Tessel 2 Design Files [2]
* Tessel 2 Command Line Interface [3]
* Tessel 2 Firmware [4]
* Johnny-Five API [5]
* Johnny-Five Home Page [6]



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SparkFun Johnny-Five Inventor's Kit SparkFun Johnny-Five Inventor's Kit