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OEM L298P Motor Shield R3 für Arduino

The Motor Shield (compatible to the Arduino Motor Shield R3) is based on the L298, which is a dual full-bridge driver designed to drive inductive loads such as relays, solenoids, DC and stepping motors.

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This Motor Shield is a compatible to the Arduino Motor Shield R3. It
uses the same technology, and has the same features.

This Motor Shield is based on the L298, which is a dual full-bridge
driver designed to drive inductive loads such as relays, solenoids, DC
and stepping motors. It lets you drive two DC motors with your Arduino
board, controlling the speed and direction of each one independently.
You can also measure the motor current absorption of each motor, among
other features. The shield is TinkerKit compatible, which means you
can quickly create projects by plugging TinkerKit modules to the


Operating Voltage
5V to 12V

Motor controller
L298P, Drives 2 DC motors or 1 stepper motor

Max current
2A per channel or 4A max (with external power supply)

Current sensing

Free running stop and brake function


The Motor Shield must be powered only by an external power supply.
Because the L298 IC mounted on the shield has two separate power
connections, one for the logic and one for the motor supply driver.
The required motor current often exceeds the maximum USB current

External (non-USB) power can come either from an AC-to-DC adapter
(wall-wart) or battery. The adapter can be connected by plugging a
2.1mm center-positive plug into the Arduino's board power jack on
which the motor shield is mounted or by connecting the wires that lead
the power supply to the Vin and GND screw terminals, taking care to
respect the polarities.

To avoid possible damage to the Arduino board on which the shield is
mounted, we reccomend using an external power supply that provides a
voltage between 7 and 12V. If your motor require more than 9V we
recommend that you separate the power lines of the shield and the
Arduino board on which the shield is mounted. This is possible by
cutting the "Vin Connect" jumper placed on the back side of the
shield. The absolute limit for the Vin at the screw terminals is 18V.

The power pins are as follows:

* Vin on the screw terminal block, is the input voltage to the motor
connected to the shield. An external power supply connected to this
pin also provide power to the Arduino board on which is mounted. By
cutting the "Vin Connect" jumper you make this a dedicated power line
for the motor.
* GND Ground on the screw terminal block.

The shield can supply 2 amperes per channel, for a total of 4 amperes


This shield has two separate channels, called A and B, that each use 4
of the Arduino pins to drive or sense the motor. In total there are 8
pins in use on this shield. You can use each channel separately to
drive two DC motors or combine them to drive one unipolar stepper

The shield's pins, divided by channel are shown in the table below:

pins per Ch. A
pins per Ch. B




Current Sensing

If you don't need the Brake and the Current Sensing and you also need
more pins for your application you can disable this features by
cutting the respective jumpers on the back side of the shield.


Brushed DC motor. You can drive two Brushed DC motors by connecting
the two wires of each one in the (+) and (-) screw terminals for each
channel A and B. In this way you can control its direction by setting
HIGH or LOW the DIR A and DIR B pins, you can control the speed by
varying the PWM A and PWM B duty cycle values. The Brake A and Brake B
pins, if set HIGH, will effectively brake the DC motors rather than
let them slow down by cutting the power. You can measure the current
going through the DC motor by reading the SNS0 and SNS1 pins. On each
channel will be a voltage proportional to the measured current, which
can be read as a normal analog input, through the function
analogRead() on the analog input A0 and A1. For your convenience it is
calibrated to be 3.3V when the channel is delivering its


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OEM L298P Motor Shield R3 für Arduino OEM L298P Motor Shield R3 für Arduino