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Summer, sun and sunglasses! Check out the highlights of the new collections

Vanessa Meier
Zurich, on 06.04.2017

Summer, sunshine, sunglasses – a classic combination. I’ve put together my 10 favourite sunglasses from the latest collections. Each pair is unique and a highlight in its own right. So this season, we’re spoilt for choice.


An iconic classic. Where tortoiseshell meets a timeless design. These glasses should adorn every nose.

Wow factor

This model is a true eye-catcher and both elegant and sporty. A proper trendsetter. Beiges and browns are an absolute must-have this year.

For pilots

Get ready to lift off with these aviator sunglasses! Instant coolness for girls and guys.

The local hero

A little touch of Swissness goes into everything by Invu. This model impresses with its shape and colour. A classic you can’t go wrong with.

For musos

Pack up those essentials and head off to the next openair festival – and don’t forget those shades! This model is perfect for looking amazing in the front row. Should they be knocked off your nose in the mosh pit or fall victim to excessive trips to the bar, worry not. In view of their price tag, consider them a sacrifice to the festival gods.

The superjock

The lenses adapt to all kinds of lighting conditions and protect your eyes from glaring light. So it’s bye-bye to jogging and cycling at dawn.

True blue

Despite their minimalistic design, these Oakley sunglasses are totally trendy. Unisex and perfect for everyday use. The amazing shade of blue particularly impressed me.

Hollywood style

Really cute, right? In any case, the shape is killer. The slightly rounded lenses perfect this model.

Release your inner tiger

Had a good roar today? No doubt you’ll be the coolest cat on the block with these shades. So cool your chocolate ice cream won’t melt.

Simply Prestige

As the name suggests, these glasses are so Prestige. Edgy and unique. The patterned frame gives these shades that je ne sais quoi. Prestige – nuff said.

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