Let’s fly our kites
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Let’s fly our kites

Ramon Schneider
Zurich, on 11.03.2019
Translation: Eva Francis
Spring is the windy time of the year. Ideal conditions to fly kites. Which one’s your pick? Round, square, large or small? Which one’s right for me or my child? Here’s a quick guide to finding the right kite.

Kites are available in various sizes and construction types. There are three main types: Single-line kites (kites for kids), stunt kites and traction kites.

Kites for kids

Children’s kites usually have one flying line only, making steering control very limited. It’s only possible to steer by tugging on or letting slack in the line. Children’s kites are available in a range of shapes and colours, from special shapes such as animals or spaceships to the most common shape: the diamond.

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Stunt kites

Unlike children's kites, stunt kites have several flying lines and can therefore be steered. Usually, two lines are attached to the left and two to the right side of the kite and the dragon is steered by pulling on one or the other line. With a bit of practice, stunt kites can perform loops and twists.

Sport kite Flash 170CX
Günther Flugspiele Sport kite Flash 170CX

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Steering mats

The only difference between steering mats and stunt kites is their shape. They come without spine and crossbar and can therefore be stowed away without needing much space. Plus, they don’t break as easily if they crash. They’re comparable to paragliders or kites used for kitesurfing. The larger they are, the harder they are to hold. That’s why they’re better not steered by a child – and if, only when accompanied by an adult.

Steerable Parafoil Meteor
Günther Flugspiele Steerable Parafoil Meteor

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Ramon Schneider
Ramon Schneider
Junior Editor, Zurich
Riding my motorbike makes me feel free, fishing brings out my inner hunter, using my camera gets me creative. I make my money messing around with toys all day.

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