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Discover the ease of reading. The cross-partner tolino philosophy combines the enthusiasm for reading with the needs of the digital world.

tolino is one of the most popular e-reader brands in German-speaking countries.

tolino - that's eReading made in Germany. The tolino brand is backed by the association of leading German booksellers Thalia, Weltbild, Hugendubel, Mayersche Buchhandlung and Osiander, as well as Libri, with around 1,500 affiliated independent bookstores throughout Germany.

Since entering the market in March 2013, the tolino alliance has successfully established itself as one of the leading brands for digital reading in German-speaking countries. tolino is available internationally in Austria and Switzerland, as well as in Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands.

All tolino devices feature an open ecosystem with integrated tolino cloud, which does not tie customers to a bookseller when buying eBooks. In addition to one of the largest German-language eBook ranges, tolino partners offer their customers comprehensive advice and service - both online and in local bookstores. In addition to the tolino products, tolino has also been offering its own attractive self-publishing range since spring 2015.