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Koda (4 kW, Pizza oven)
Gas BBQs
273.–was 299.–
Ooni Koda (4 kW, Pizza oven)
Koda 16 (8.49 kW, Pizza oven)
Gas BBQs
Ooni Koda 16 (8.49 kW, Pizza oven)
Karu 12 Pizza Oven (33 cm, Pizza oven)
Charcoal BBQs
Ooni Karu 12 Pizza Oven (33 cm, Pizza oven)

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Logo of the Ooni brand


Ooni is the world's leading pizza oven company.
Founded in Scotland in 2012 by Kristian Tapaninaho and Darina Garland, the young company revolutionized outdoor cooking and created a new category when it launched the world's first portable pellet pizza oven in 2012. Since then, Ooni pizza ovens allow you to bake premium pizza in your own backyard in just 60 seconds. Ooni ovens heat up to an enormous 500°C in 20 minutes or less and cost a fraction of the price of conventional wood-burning ovens.

With the vision of a great pizza for the world and an innovative prototype, Kristian and Darina started their first Ooni oven project on Kickstarter in November 2012. Their funding goal was quickly exceeded, attracting worldwide interest from pizza fans, media and retailers, and Ooni established a global audience from the start. It turned out that there is little that connects people more than great pizza.

Since its introduction, Ooni has grown into a multi-award-winning company that sells products all over the world.
Innovation is at the heart of the company and as a result, it has launched other pizza oven models - including Ooni Fyra, Ooni Karu and Ooni Koda - as well as hardwood pellets that power the Ooni ovens using wood, charcoal and gas.