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Logo of the Hape brand


Hape Toys is one of the world's largest manufacturers of toys made from renewable resources. The building blocks, children's kitchens and also all other toys from Hape are creatively designed and environmentally friendly at the same time. All products meet the strictest international quality and safety standards. Sometimes these standards are even exceeded.

Hape toys are an interaction between global thinking and environmentally conscious action. This is already evident in the design and production of the toys and then also in the delivery and opening of the packaging.

Hape uses special materials and production methods. The cooperation between international and local employees also creates a global corporate culture with a special understanding and respect for our environment. Sustainability, education, innovation and fun: Hape Toys embodies the next generation of play.

In our assortment we carry many different toys from Hape. So there is everything from building blocks, board games, children's kitchens, memory, dolls and puzzles to the slide car.