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1. Swirl Spectacle cleaning cloths

You know what it's like: The soiling and fogging of glasses or other visible surfaces is extremely annoying. A Swirl eyeglass cleaning cloth creates clarity in the twinkling of an eye - for a streak-free view. The Swirl eyeglass cleaning cloths for at home and on the road quickly remove any dirt from your lenses without leaving streaks. The fragrant special liquid in the cloth provides a streak-free shine even with grease and water stains. Thanks to the anti-fog function, fogging of your lenses is also significantly reduced. Each wipe is individually packed and can thus develop its full cleaning power on mineral and plastic glasses when torn open. Simply store a few towels in your jacket, car or handbag, so you can quickly get a clear view anytime, anywhere. 

Swirl Spectacle cleaning cloths
Glasses accessories
Quantity discount
1.90 per piece for 4 units

Swirl Spectacle cleaning cloths

2. Swirl Clean Glasses

Gentle cleaning of all glass types with extra soft cloth. Individually packed, for at home or on the road. Anti-fog function for a clear view in all weathers. Also ideally suited for plastic lenses and anti-reflective lenses. A clear view - always & everywhere. Stripe-free shine in seconds. Everyone who wears glasses knows this all too well: The glasses must always be cleaned at the worst possible moment. With the practical lens cleaning cloths from Swirl, gentle cleaning of the glasses is possible, regardless of the lens type. The wipes in a 50-piece pack are extra soft and individually packed. They are ideal for use at home or on the road and fit in any pocket, glove compartment in the car or backpack. The glasses cleaning cloths have an anti-fog function and thus prevent fogging of the glasses. So you always have a clear view, in all weathers. In addition, the lens cleaning cloths are ideally suited for both plastic lenses and anti-reflective lenses. In a few seconds the glasses are clear and clean again, without any stripes.