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    Come to think of it, why does one sock always go missing in the wash?

    by Carolin Teufelberger


Socks are our daily companions. To ensure that your supply never runs low, there are classic, unusual, affordable and high-quality socks in various lengths waiting for you in our shop. Browse our range, pick your favourite pair from the convenience of your own home and have them delivered directly to your doorstep. For of you who like their socks plain and black, we have a wide range of socks from Jack & Jones, Camano, S. Oliver, Puma or FILA available. All these brands offer socks in different price ranges. If you're more about the material, the brands Falke, Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger probably make the socks you appreciate. Colourful socks with all kinds motifs are offered by DillySocks, Stance, Happy Socks and Moustard, among others. If you are looking for mismatched socks, you will find them at Many Mornings or United Oddsocks. To explain sock lengths: ankle socks and short sneaker socks in colours such as white and black can be found in the sock length «low», medium-length socks can be found in «mid» and long business socks are in the «high» range. Sock sets are particularly good value, and there are always special offers on socks in our online shop. The socks Advent calendar and Christmas socks for the holidays are not to be missed! A perfect gift for almost everyone!

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