Discover our huge range of low shoes. Typical low shoes have a closed upper and are recognizable by the height of the upper, which reaches from the front to the arch of the foot and from the side to below the ankles. With us you will find different types of shoes. One can distinguish them best by their differentiated lacing. Slippers, such as moccasins or loafers do not have a lacing and are therefore also called panty shoes or knickers. Low shoes with lacing are called lacers. One distinguishes between low shoes with closed lacing (Oxford), open lacing (Derby) as well as with buckle closure (Monkstrap). Low shoes such as Derbys, Oxfords and Monkstraps are often seen in the business world as they are very elegant and go well with suits. They therefore belong to the most worn shoe types worldwide. No matter which low shoes you choose, you automatically add an elegant touch to your outfit. You will find the necessary care for your shoes in the category "Textile & Shoe Care". Have fun browsing!