Best products in the Laundry detergent + Fabric care category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. bluu Universal Eco washing strips

With bluu's ultra-concentrated wash strips, you've got nothing but advantages: More space at home, no lugging, no sticky containers or annoying powder on the floor. Dosing is super easy: 1 strip for 1 wash load. Bluu is your universal everyday hero for white, dark or coloured laundry from 15 - 95 °C, either in the machine or by hand. This is how it works: 1. put the laundry in the drum. With bluu you wash all textiles, whether white, black or coloured. Even wool, silk or cashmere will be clean with bluu. 2. bluu wash strips on top. Simply place the bluu wash strip on top of the laundry. As soon as water is added, it dissolves within a few seconds. 3. start the washing process. Now just press "Start". With bluu, your laundry will have a lasting fresh and delicate scent. 

2. Nikwax Tech Wash & TX Direct

3. bluu Universal washing strips

With the ultra-concentrated washing strips from bluu, you only have advantages: More space at home, no lugging around, no sticky containers or annoying powder on the floor. Scope of delivery: 3 boxes with 60 bluu universal wash strips Alpenfrische each for approx. 180 washes. Dosing is super easy: 1 strip for 1 wash load. Bluu is your universal everyday hero for white, dark or coloured laundry from 15 - 95 °C, either in the machine or by hand. This is how it works: 1. load laundry into the drum. With bluu you can wash all textiles, whether white, black or coloured. Even wool, silk or cashmere will be clean with bluu. 2. bluu wash strips on top. Simply place the bluu washing strip on top of the laundry and it will dissolve within a few seconds as soon as water is added. 3. start the washing process. And now just press "Start". With bluu, your laundry will smell fresh and delicate for a long time. One-for-all: Universal detergent for all temperatures (15 - 95 °C) and suitable for white, coloured and dark textiles. 1 wash strip - 1 normal wash cycle. 0 % plastic and microplastics. Free from parabens, phosphates, optical brighteners, bleaching agents, colourants and preservatives. Also suitable for wool, silk and cashmere. 100 % biodegradable. Without animal ingredients. Suitable for hand washing. Delicate, long-lasting Alpine freshness fragrance. 

4. Nikwax Duo Pack: Tech Wash & TX.Direct Wash-In

Duo Pack with 300 ml Tech Wash and 300 ml TX Direct Wash-In. If we work hard, we sweat. The evaporation of sweat has a cooling effect and we feel comfortable. But when it rains, we don't want to get wet. So we wear waterproof outerwear to keep us dry. The waterproof fabric must be designed to allow moisture to pass through or' breathe' during evaporation; otherwise our sweat cannot evaporate, resulting in us overheating and getting wet from condensation. In addition, if the outer fabric of your garment absorbs water and' soaks', the breathability is reduced, which makes you feel clammy and damp. Nikwax Tech Wash refreshes the permanently water-repellent protection (DWR), prevents water absorption, maintains breathability and keeps you pleasantly dry. Your rainwear could absorb water just because it's dirty. Try cleaning with Nikwax Tech Wash first. In the case of relatively fresh soiling or recent impregnation, the permanent water-repellent capacity (DWR) is revitalised by cleaning alone.
Once the clothing has been worn intensively, you must add the Nikwax TX. Direct DWR protection with Nikwax Tech Wash after cleaning.

5. Miele UltraPhase 1

Detergent cartridge Ultra Phase 1, basic detergent, 2-component detergent for coloured and white, for bright colours and brilliant white laundry, excellent stain removal even at low temperatures, no overdosage thanks to automatic dosage. Capacity: 1.5 l. For the first time, liquid detergents can be used to perfectly wash not only coloured, but also white items. Conventional liquid detergents do not contain bleaching agents. In the Miele 2-phase system, the ingredients required for white and coloured laundry are split between the UltraPhase 1 and UltraPhase 2 cartridges. Using a patented process, the two liquid detergent components (UltraPhase 1 and UltraPhase 2) are separately dosed into the washing process at the optimum time. This is how Miele achieves the highest washing performance and offers the best liquid detergent system on the market. 

6. bluu Dryer balls

Bluu balls are 100% sheep's wool dryer balls that offer a sustainable alternative to fabric softeners. They save electricity by reducing drying time and are hypoallergenic and anti-static, so laundry stays smooth and soft. With bluu tumble balls, laundry is gently and naturally cared for. 

7. Sanytol Laundry disinfector

The laundry disinfectant of Sanytol is specially designed for a flawless laundry, cleaned and freed from bad odors, microbes, bacteria and viruses. Destroys microbes at any temperature, which are not removed during normal washing. Suitable for textiles made of cotton, synthetic fibres, wool, silk, etc. Ideal for sportswear, underwear, floor rags, drying cloths, cleaning cloths, bed linen, dog and cat blankets, etc. Suitable for all textiles. Washing at low temperatures or with a classic detergent does not remove microbes responsible for bad odours, diseases and skin irritations. Only a wash cycle at 60° and 90° allows to remove these microbes on the laundry. The laundry disinfectant Sanytol removes bacteria, Candida Albicans and influenza A virus (H1N1) from 20°C. The unique formulation effectively destroys bad odours, and is gentle on the laundry. Suitable for both whites and coloureds. Its fresh perfume leaves a pleasant feeling of cleanliness. 

8. bluu Universal washing strips without fragrance

Bluu - the environmentally friendly detergent.

Brand new on the Swiss market and a true sensation! Sustainable washing at home is child's play thanks to the new
bluu washing strips. Before we added these washing strips to our range, they were put through their paces. It's not just a WOW, it's an incredible miracle. Just one strip gets your laundry clean again (no matter what the temperature!). For coarse soiling or for large machines, we recommend 2 cloths.

One for everything!

The bluu washing strips "Alpenfrische" and "ohne Duft" are ultra-concentrated detergents that are approx. 20 times lighter than conventional detergents. The space-saving washing strips are a universal detergent, suitable for all temperatures and textiles (incl. silk, wool, cashmere), as well as for hand washing.

bluu washing strips enable uncompromising, sustainable and resource-saving washing. Whether at home or on the go, it is 100% biodegradable, contains no microplastics and comes in recyclable packaging.

- Zero Waste: 100% plastic-free washing, recyclable packaging

- Practical: no lugging, space-saving, super easy to dispense

- Environmentally friendly: 95 % less CO2 during transport, 100 % biodegradable

- One for all: All colours and fabrics, machine and hand wash, 15 - 95 °C

- Eco-hero: Without dyes, optical brighteners, enzymes, preservatives, bleach, starch, phosphates and palm oil.

- Vegan: Free from animal ingredients

NEW we offer you the following savings sets:

In the 3-pack 10% savings
in a pack of 6 13% savings

Further product features:

- Size wash strips: 11x9 cm, approx. 1 mm thick

- Weight per strip approx. 3 g

- Weight per pack: 200 g

- 1 box contains 60 wash strips

- Ingredients "Alpenfrische" Ionic surfactants ≥30 %, anionic surfactants 15 - >30%, fragrances

- Ingredients "without fragrance" Ionic surfactants ≥30 %, anionic surfactants 15 - >30 %.

- Hypoallergenic: Especially suitable for sensitive skin, baby/children's laundry, allergy sufferers and

- For all temperatures and textiles

Nice to know: bluu donates part of its profits to charitable projects of the "Viva con Agua" network, which campaigns for worldwide access to clean drinking water.

9. Leifheit Laundry net

The Leifheit laundry nets guarantee optimal protection for fine and delicate textiles such as silk, bras or curtains during washing. The set of 3 consists of two practical sizes for a total of 1 kg and 2 kg laundry. Thanks to the zipper with zipper cover, not only the delicate laundry in the nets is protected, but also the other laundry items in the machine. It also ensures that the nets do not open during washing or that foreign parts do not get into the washing drum. The durable material is washable up to 90°C and therefore suitable for all temperatures. 

10. Washo Wash Strips Classic Fresh Breeze

Simply place Washo in the machine, load the laundry and off you go. The Washo strip dissolves instantly in water and gently cleans any laundry while protecting the environment. What distinguishes Washo from conventional detergents? Washo puts an end to overdosing and environmentally harmful behaviour. Conventional detergents are very much geared towards really powerful stains, even though 90% of our laundry is just normally dirty or sweaty. Washo brings you the full wash power - without compromise, but sustainably. Washing with Washo makes your life easier. Heavy plastic bottles are finally a thing of the past. Washo washing strips are 20 times lighter than conventional detergent and have the same washing power. A lot does not always help a lot. Overdosage of detergent affects the rinsing result, residues can build up in the machine but also on your clothes. In addition, overdosing pollutes the water and thus harms our environment. With Washo you save unnecessary costs and wash your clothes without a guilty conscience.