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1. Swiffer Trap & Lock Dusting Refills

5 million households already swipe. Swiffer with us. Say goodbye to dust, dirt and hair. The Swiffer dust magnet picks up and traps dust, hair and allergens from dust mites, cats and dogs. Thanks to thousands of flexible, fluffy fibres, it adapts its shape and reaches all crevices and corners - so dust and hair can be removed daily from virtually any surface. The tip: Especially practical for pet hair or if you suffer from a dust allergy. The Swiffer Dust Magnet is so quick and easy to use, it even makes dusting fun. Use Swiffer Dust Magnet refill cloths with the Swiffer Dust Magnet handle. Basis: GFK Household Panel Data Germany Oct'19-Sep'20 

Swiffer Trap & Lock Dusting Refills (20 pcs.)
Cleaning utensils
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Swiffer Trap & Lock Dusting Refills

20 pcs.

2. Bosch Hausgeräte Universal

UniversalBrush battery cleaning brush. Full scrubbing power for easy cleaning with varying degrees of soiling. High cleaning performance even under pressure thanks to powerful motor. Versatile for a wide range of applications thanks to many different accessories. Waterproof design with IPX5 splash protection. Scrubs various surfaces, e.g. bathroom tiles, kitchen cooker, pots and pans. Rechargeable device with lithium-ion battery, rechargeable via micro-USB cable. Included in delivery: Bristle brush (1 600 A02 3KW), detail brush (1 600 A02 3KY), pad holder with Velcro hook (1 600 A02 3KX), microfibre pad, non-abrasive (1 600 A02 3KZ), high-performance pad, abrasive (1 600 A02 3L1), micro USB cable (1 607 000 CG9), cardboard box. 

3. Vileda EasyWring and Clean

The mop cleans tiles just as efficiently as laminate and parquet, and with the 2-in-1 wiping head you remove stains and dirt quickly and reliably. The patented combination of micro- and power fibers is designed to meet different requirements.
The red power fibres absorb hair, crumbs and other dirt particles up to 20 percent better than the white fibres. These softer microfibres, on the other hand, have a particularly strong suction power and also remove dried dirt and greasy stains. A joint at ground level makes it easy to reach areas that are difficult to access - for example under furniture and radiators. Thanks to the Delta shape of the fibre mount, your floor shines in every single corner. An unpleasant bend and kneel - The Vileda Turbo EasyWring bucket relieves you when wringing out the mop. Use a kick pedal to activate the power catapult. The water is simply pumped into the bucket according to the salad spinner principle. You dose the moisture release of the fibres via the number of pedal kicks. Depending on the floor covering and impurities, you can precisely adjust the content. Everything the Vileda Turbo EasyWring & Clean leaves behind is cleanliness. When wringing out ergonomically, you don't have to bend down, there are no splashes and your hands stay dry. The fibre mix also prevents streaking and streaking during wiping. The water is always evenly and metered distributed on the floor. In addition, the kick pedal keeps your hands dry. After wiping, the microfibres can be easily removed from the wiping head and cleaned in the washing machine. They are designed for machine washing at up to 60 degrees Celsius. For a back-friendly and ergonomic working position, you can adjust the telescopic handle in seconds - it can be infinitely adjusted to a length between 85 and 130 cm. The Vileda Turbo rotary bucket is equipped with an ergonomic carrying handle. A mounting hole is recessed into the handle. The handle can snap into this. The spout allows the water to drain easily and without splashes. A marker indicates the maximum recommended water level. For storage, you can either place the handle in the bucket or hang it from the integrated eyelet.

4. Leifheit Floor wiper and wiping cloth press

The ideal solution for quick cleaning of large surfaces. The wiping cloth press Profi consists of a compact bucket with a capacity of 8 litres and a press attachment, which can be operated simply and comfortably by foot pressure. The wiping cloth press is suitable for the floor wiper Profi. And this is how it works: The wipe cover is released from the bracket by foot operation and placed in the press, then the press is also operated by foot pressure. Done. Without immersing your hands in dirty water and without having to bend down, the wipe cover is as dry as it is wrung by hand. The press attachment is equipped with a practical handle for transporting the bucket during cleaning. For those who prefer to roll the wiper press instead of carrying it, two smooth-running rollers are mounted directly on the underside of the bucket. The floor wiper Profi with a wiper width of 42 cm, 360° swivel joint and foot control is perfectly matched to the wiper press Profi. 

5. Vileda UltraMax

The high-quality microfibre cover removes even the most stubborn dirt and stains. The moisture content of the cover can be optimally determined by wringing it out with the Ultramat PowerPress. The microfibre cover is ideal for parquet and laminate. The Ultramat wiper can be wrung out easily and without bending in the Ultramat bucket with PowerPress. Your hands stay clean and dry. The XXL PowerZone on the underside of the wiper plate reinforces contact with the floor, making it easier to remove stains. The 3D structure of the cover makes it easy to glide on the floor, making wiping even faster and easier. With the practical handle holder, the wiper can be easily stowed away after wiping. 

6. Vileda UltraMat XL Turbo

Ultramat Turbo XL Mop - designed for the most demanding users who require thorough cleaning. Vileda Ultramat TURBO XL works on large and small surfaces and reaches hard-to-reach places thanks to its rotating tip. Mop with bucket has a modern equipment, but is extremely effective in daily cleaning. In addition, the bucket has a handle so that it can be easily emptied after cleaning. The XL flat mop is equipped with a 42 cm wide cleaning pad. Thanks to this function you can wash any floor even faster. Effective against dirt 2 types of Micro - Vileda - fibres White fibres ensure cleanliness without streaks and scratches even on the most sensitive surfaces. Red filaments handle stubborn dirt and particles without detergents. Easily tidied up in corners and hard to reach places. The movable head of the wiping mop makes it easy to manoeuvre the wiping mop under the furniture. 

7. Vileda Ultramax

The microfiber mop cover provides optimum moisture and better glide on the floor. It is washable up to 60 ° in the washing machine.

8. Leifheit Clean Twist Disc Mop Ergo

The Clean Twist Ergo mop set from Leifheit is the perfect choice for delicate floors such as parquet and laminate. Water damage or scratches are a thing of the past thanks to the unique Leifheit twist mechanism. The mechanism spins and dries the mop more effectively than any other system and dirt is also removed in the process. The patented "Spinning Top" rotation mechanism prevents you from having to bend down and getting your hands wet. Leifheit's revolutionary spin technology guarantees easy handling: one press on the handle starts the spin. By pressing the handle several times, you can determine the degree of dampness of the mop head. The 360° castors ensure maximum flexibility. The floor mopping set from Leifheit consists of a handle, a mop head, a universal bucket with a capacity of 6 litres and a spin sieve.

Colour: Green | Material: Plastic and microfibre | Handle length: 109-140 cm | Mop diameter: 16 cm | Bucket capacity: 6 L | Height-adjustable handle for mopping at the desired working height | Bucket with spout for clean emptying - without spilling| Practical spin-stop function on the handle | Can be angled flat for easy wiping in serpentine lines | 360° angle joint for cleaning under hard-to-reach areas | Easy to carry and compact for storage | Set includes: | 1 x floor squeegee with spin mechanism | 1 x universal bucket | 1 x soft microfibre squeegee | 1 x spin sieve for wringing out

9. Vileda Spare mop for Easy Wring & Clean Turbo

Replacement mop for Easy Wring & Clean Vileda 2441 with power fibres for stubborn dirt and 20% stronger particle absorption, ideal for uneven floors, e.g. tiles with joints. 

Vileda Spare mop for Easy Wring & Clean Turbo (1 pcs.)
Cleaning utensils
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Vileda Spare mop for Easy Wring & Clean Turbo

1 pcs.

10. OXO Good Grips

The OXO Good Grips Deep Clean Brush Set features two brushes for easily scrubbing all the hard-to-clean places where dirt builds up. Both Brushes feature sturdy nylon bristles and soft, comfortable non-slip grips. The Large Brush is sized and angled perfectly for scrubbing grout, shower door tracks and more. The soft, non-slip thumb pad on the back of the bristle head allows for optimal comfort when applying maximum scrubbing force. The Small Brush, with its compact bristle head and pointed bristle profile, is great for cleaning in and around fixtures, thin grout lines and other tight spaces. It also features a built-in wiper blade that removes built up dirt from drains and other crevices.