Top-rated products in the Fabric shavers category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Philips GC026

The Philips lint shaver allows you to easily and quickly remove small lumps from any clothing. So see all your textiles - from jumpers to blankets. The large blade surface ensures that larger areas of clothing are worked on, so fewer puffs are needed to make your clothes look like new again. The container that collects the removed lint is easy to remove and empty. 

2. Philips Lint remover GC026/00

The Philips lint shaver allows you to easily and quickly remove small lumps from any clothing. That's how all your textiles - from sweaters to blankets - look like new again! 

3. Quick Aid Lint roller and pet hair remover

With the lint roller you can easily remove lint and pet hair from clothes, furniture, cushions, blankets, car seats and carpets. Thanks to the electrostatic surface, even stubborn hairs are removed effectively and thoroughly and reliably directed into the collection container. The self-cleaning two-way system ensures that hair, lint and dust are picked up many times faster than with a conventional lint roller. The robust pet hair remover is environmentally friendly and ecological, as it does not require batteries, power source, refill, tapes or adhesive paper. 

4. OXO Lint Remover Brush

Oxo Good Grips FurLifter hand brush, application: animal hair, furniture, bristle material: plastic, suitable surfaces: Universal, quickly and effectively removes animal hair, lint and dust from textiles, self-cleaning. 

5. Tefal Lint razor JB1013

With a large blade diameter and the Tefal lint razor, the removable parts are easy to clean to ensure a long product life. 2 AA batteries are included. The blades are turned particularly quickly to cut off the fluff and nodules cleanly. This prevents threads from being pulled or seams from being damaged. The Tefal lint razor is therefore suitable for all types of fabrics and also for carpets and curtains. 

6. WiredLux Lint shaver

The lint shaver made of high-quality ABS plastic and a 6-blade stainless steel blade is suitable for clothes and furniture with fabric coverings, curtains and blankets. It has a built-in 2 000 mAh Li-Ion battery that can be charged with a power bank or laptop using the USB cable provided. When the battery is fully charged, the operating time is three hours. The battery level can be read via the LED display. This also shows the speed. You can choose between three speed levels depending on the fabric to be processed. To increase safety, the appliance stops automatically if the blade cover comes loose during use. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, the appliance lies comfortably in the hand and the large shaving field allows large areas to be shaved. During use, the lint lands in the integrated collection container. In addition to the lint shaver, the scope of delivery includes a storage bag, a USB to USB-C cable, two additional blades, a cleaning brush for the blades and a user manual. 

7. Esmée Lint Remover / Pet Hair Remover

With our lint comb, removing small lint from clothes, blankets, furniture and other textiles becomes child's play! The lint shaver is not only super easy to use, but also absolutely safe and can be used again and again. Even wool or cashmere are no problem for the copper bristles that grab every last bit of hair or lint. The handy wooden handle allows for quick and effective use - an absolute all-rounder for every household! Thanks to the handy size, the lint remover is also perfect for travelling or on the go. 

8. Wenko Jumbo

For the gentle removal of ugly wool nodules, especially in knitwear, without batteries.

9. Deerma Lint shaver

Take care of your clothes With the help of the multifunctional clothes shaver from Deerma, you can easily put your wrinkled coat, jumper or blouse back in order. It's easy to load and compact, so you can use it anywhere with ease. With a 7000 rpm motor and a reliable triple blade, your clothes will soon look like new. Forget those pesky hairs The shaver is remarkably compact and practical in design. To increase its functionality while saving a considerable amount of space, its handle houses a glue roller. If you have a dog or cat at home, you don't have to worry about the hard-to-remove fur leaving stains on your clothes - you can simply remove it and look great again. Stunning performance The large shaving head is responsible for the incredibly efficient operation of the device. When the blades rotate, a suction vacuum is also created. 

10. Leifheit Dressetta

Textile brush Dressetta Leifheit 41000.
Pearl grey plastic body and handle, brown textile part.