Best Durgol products in the Descalers category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Durgol products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Durgol Swiss steamer

Durgol Swiss Steamer guarantees effortless, fast and safe descaling of high-quality steamers and steam cookers of all brands; equally suitable for boiler evaporators, tray evaporators or water container evaporators.

Simple and safe to use; one bottle, i.e. one portion of durgol swiss steamer is designed for complete descaling of your steamers with descaling programme

Guarantees effortless and fast decalcification without additional application time

Ensures optimum quality of your food

Extends the service life of your steamer, thanks to special protection and care formula

Leaves no residue in the appliance; this is food-safe after descaling and subsequent rinsing.

Durgol Swiss steamer (500 ml)
17.– 34.–/1l

Durgol Swiss steamer

500 ml

2. Durgol Swiss espresso

Durgol Swiss Espresso is a special descaler for high-quality coffee machines of all brands: equally suitable for fully and semi-automatic machines, piston machines, coffee pads and capsule systems. Has a proven cleansing effect and removes 99.9% of bacteria (Bacillus subtilis). Does not leave any residue in the machine; it is food safe after descaling and subsequent rinsing. 

Durgol Swiss espresso (125 ml)
Quantity discount
10.10 per piece for 2 units 80.80/1l

Durgol Swiss espresso

125 ml

3. Durgol Express

Durgol Express removes lime from all household items efficiently and gently. Decalcification with Durgol express is environmentally friendly and food safe. The product is ready to use and easy to apply. It acts very quickly compared to vinegar or citric acid. The ability to dissolve lime is very good, because one litre of Durgol express dissolves approx. 80 g of lime. The cleaning agent corresponds to an environmental protection-oriented basic attitude. It has a good limescale dissolving capacity and can therefore be used very sparingly and in an environmentally friendly way. The reaction of Durgol Express with lime produces salts which neutralise the acid. In addition, unused residues of acid in the waste water help to neutralize excess alkaline solutions. Leaves no chemical residues after descaling and rinsing. 

Durgol Express (500 ml)
Quantity discount
5.70 per piece for 3 units 11.40/1l

Durgol Express

500 ml

4. Durgol Forte

With durgol forte you can remove particularly stubborn lime and urine scale. The power pack against lime is particularly recommended for use in sanitary and construction applications. Important note: durgol forte does not contain any corrosion protection and is therefore not suitable for use in conjunction with metals. 

Durgol Forte (1000 ml)
Quantity discount
8.15 per piece for 3 units 8.15/1l

Durgol Forte

1000 ml

5. Durgol Surface Original

Are you looking for a specific bathroom cleaner to thoroughly remove lime and dirt? durgol surface effortlessly removes even stubborn limescale deposits from fittings and surfaces and lets them shine in new splendour in no time. Thanks to a unique beading effect, the surfaces remain beautiful for longer. 

Durgol Surface Original
Quantity discount
5.20 per piece for 3 units 8.67/1l

Durgol Surface Original

6. Durgol Washing Machines Cleaner & Descaler

Descaler, liquid for the following applications: Washing machine. Content: 500 ml. Removes lime, dirt and odours.

Durgol Washing Machines Cleaner & Descaler (500 ml)
Quantity discount
7.95 per piece for 3 units 15.90/1l

Durgol Washing Machines Cleaner & Descaler

500 ml

7. Durgol express Schnell-Entkalker Bidon

With durgol express (quick descaler) you can quickly and easily remove limescale from all household items. Whether you want to descale your kettle or your faucet strainer (aerator, aerator), durgol express works quickly and effectively. Its formula guarantees a gentle and at the same time food-safe descaling. 

Durgol express Schnell-Entkalker Bidon (10000 ml)
67.90 6.79/1l

Durgol express Schnell-Entkalker Bidon

10000 ml

8. Durgol .

With durgol swiss espresso, you can descale coffee machines of all brands and types. This will also help your coffee machine to last longer and ensure even better coffee quality. Because the special descaler durgol swiss espresso is equally suitable for all fully automatic coffee machines, capsule, pad and espresso machines, it is the ideal solution for perfect coffee enjoyment. Removes limescale deposits highly effectively and ensures hygienic cleanliness. Is food safe and leaves no residue. The special protection and care formula prolongs the life of your coffee machine and ensures perfect coffee enjoyment. One bottle is enough for a thorough descaling of the coffee machine. Effortless and quick application without exposure time. 

Durgol . (500 ml)
Quantity discount
12.50 per piece for 2 units 25.–/1l

Durgol .

500 ml

9. Durgol Universal

Quick Descaler quickly and easily removes lime from all household items. Its formula guarantees efficient and at the same time gentle on materials, food-safe and environmentally friendly descaling. Odorless and food safe. Leaves no residue after descaling and rinsing. Simple application and dosage. Unique corrosion protection ensures maximum protection of sensitive materials. Label-free. 

Durgol Universal (750 ml)
Quantity discount
5.35 per piece for 3 units 7.13/1l

Durgol Universal

750 ml

10. Durgol Swiss Vapura

Durgol Swiss Vapura is a special descaler for steam ironing stations, steam ironing systems and steam cleaners of all brands and manufacturers.

Durgol Swiss Vapura (500 ml)
Quantity discount
11.80 per piece for 2 units 23.60/1l

Durgol Swiss Vapura

500 ml