Best Leifheit products in the Cleaning utensils category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Leifheit products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Leifheit Floor wiper and wiping cloth press

The ideal solution for quick cleaning of large surfaces. The wiping cloth press Profi consists of a compact bucket with a capacity of 8 litres and a press attachment, which can be operated simply and comfortably by foot pressure. The wiping cloth press is suitable for the floor wiper Profi. And this is how it works: The wipe cover is released from the bracket by foot operation and placed in the press, then the press is also operated by foot pressure. Done. Without immersing your hands in dirty water and without having to bend down, the wipe cover is as dry as it is wrung by hand. The press attachment is equipped with a practical handle for transporting the bucket during cleaning. For those who prefer to roll the wiper press instead of carrying it, two smooth-running rollers are mounted directly on the underside of the bucket. The floor wiper Profi with a wiper width of 42 cm, 360° swivel joint and foot control is perfectly matched to the wiper press Profi. 

2. Leifheit Clean Twist Disc Mop Ergo

The Clean Twist Ergo mop set from Leifheit is the perfect choice for delicate floors such as parquet and laminate. Water damage or scratches are a thing of the past thanks to the unique Leifheit twist mechanism. The mechanism spins and dries the mop more effectively than any other system and dirt is also removed in the process. The patented "Spinning Top" rotation mechanism prevents you from having to bend down and getting your hands wet. Leifheit's revolutionary spin technology guarantees easy handling: one press on the handle starts the spin. By pressing the handle several times, you can determine the degree of dampness of the mop head. The 360° castors ensure maximum flexibility. The floor mopping set from Leifheit consists of a handle, a mop head, a universal bucket with a capacity of 6 litres and a spin sieve.

Colour: Green | Material: Plastic and microfibre | Handle length: 109-140 cm | Mop diameter: 16 cm | Bucket capacity: 6 L | Height-adjustable handle for mopping at the desired working height | Bucket with spout for clean emptying - without spilling| Practical spin-stop function on the handle | Can be angled flat for easy wiping in serpentine lines | 360° angle joint for cleaning under hard-to-reach areas | Easy to carry and compact for storage | Set includes: | 1 x floor squeegee with spin mechanism | 1 x universal bucket | 1 x soft microfibre squeegee | 1 x spin sieve for wringing out

3. Leifheit Professional cotton plus

The Leifheit wiping cover Profi cotton plus consists of a mixture of Supra and cotton fibres. While the Suprafibre dissolves the dirt pore-deep, the cotton fibre absorbs the dissolved dirt and stores the water. The Profi cotton plus mop cover can be washed at 60°C and does not lose its cleaning power even after repeated washing. Especially on stone floors and tiles it provides brilliant shine even with coarse dirt. The matching wiping system is the Leifheit Profi floor wiper, which can be operated by foot without bending down. Suitable for the floor wiper Profi XL. 

4. Leifheit Super Broom

This is how a modern broom must be: instead of dirty and matted natural bristles, the Leifheit Suprabesen has hygienic supraborsten made of natural rubber that sweep dust, hair and dirt together completely from every floor - without matting or becoming dirty. Whether indoors or outdoors, whether from smooth parquet, from tiles or uneven stone floors. The Suprabesen cleans all floors. Environmentally friendly without electricity, fast and thorough. The Suprabesen even sweeps away dust and lint from carpets and rugs. For stubborn stains, the sweeper turns into a brush or a scrubbing brush: Simply dip the super bristles into the water, then remove the water with the honing edge, done. Even after years of use, the super bristles hardly wear out and can be cleaned easily, quickly and thoroughly under water after cleaning. The telescopic handle can be extended from 1 meter to 1.40 meters. This means that even hard-to-reach areas can be swept. The sweeping width is 35 cm. 

5. Leifheit Classic XL

The microfibre cover absorbs dirt and water very well. In addition, the floor mop is equipped with cloth clamps, so that the mop cover can be replaced with disposable and reusable cloths in no time. The operation is also very convenient: with its wiping width of 42 cm, the Classic floor mop is ideal for cleaning large areas. The swivel joint, which can be moved all round, enables effective cleaning in serpentine lines and effortlessly circles around table and cupboard legs. Thanks to the completely bendable telescopic handle, even hard-to-reach places under cupboards and beds are easily reached. The handle can be extended from 75 to 130 cm for a working position that is easy on the back. 

6. Leifheit Clean Twist

Spray function: No, Telescopic handle: Yes, Mop type: Flat mop, Material: Plastic, Set: Yes, Detail color: Turquoise.

7. Leifheit Classic

Leifheit water squeegee with telescopic handle and double rubber lip for effective cleaning and complete removal of excess water. Thanks to its wiping width of 45 cm, this squeegee with handle is also suitable for large areas. The telescopic handle can be extended from approx. 75 to approx. 135 cm to ensure a comfortable posture when working. 

8. Leifheit Wiper cover Profi extra soft

No scratches, no streaks and no water damage at all: the Leifheit Profi extra soft wiper cover is the perfect cleaning solution for highly sensitive floors such as parquet, laminate and cork. The fibres absorb only a minimal amount of water, the loop shape protects the soil. In this way, moisture-sensitive and valuable wooden floors remain beautifully beautiful for years to come. The Profi extra soft wiper cover is washable at 60°C and does not lose its cleaning power even after repeated washing. The matching wiping system is the Leifheit floor wiper Profi, which can be operated by foot click without bending over. 

9. Leifheit Floor Mop Replacement Head Clean Twist Disc Mop

Spray function: No, Telescopic handle: No, Mop type: Mop wiper, Material: Plastic, Microfibre, Set: No, Colour: White, Turquoise.

Leifheit Floor Mop Replacement Head Clean Twist Disc Mop (1 pcs.)
Cleaning utensils
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12.– per piece for 2 units

Leifheit Floor Mop Replacement Head Clean Twist Disc Mop

1 pcs.

10. Leifheit Telescopic handle

One handle for many different cleaning devices: The Easy-Click function of the Leifheit telescopic handle makes it possible. Simply change the cleaning head, snap into place, that's it. The handle can be extended to a working length of 145 cm up to an impressive 400 cm. The winter garden and the staircase, facades and high old building spaces can also be cleaned safely and without a ladder. With anti-slip head and 360° rotatable hanging hole. With Leifheit's extendable style, even high surfaces are easy to clean without a ladder. Especially for roof windows, conservatories, staircases and facades the telescopic handle is a helpful accessory to adapt the cleaning devices to the special conditions. The Easy-Click system allows you to connect various Leifheit devices to the practical telescopic handle. A working height of four meters is maximally achievable with the lightweight and sturdy aluminum style for undressing.