Cold sauces + dips

Cold sauces and dips are culinary enhancers that bring flavors and textures to a variety of dishes, snacks, and meals. They are perfect for pairing with appetizers,enriching main courses, or adding zest to healthy snacks. Customers who enjoy entertaining, cooking, or simply adding a burst of flavor to their meals will find these products indispensable. Cold sauces and dips are ready to use straight from the bottle or container and often serve as the finishing touch that completes a dish, whether it's a barbecue, a casual get-together, or a fine dining experience.

When exploring our selection of cold sauces and dips, consider the consistency, flavor profile, and nutritional content you’re looking for. Some sauces are thick and creamy, ideal for dipping, while others are light and fluid, perfect for drizzling. Flavor profiles range from the fiery punch of a habanero hot sauce to the subtle, tangy creaminess of a classic mayonnaise, or the sweet and savory blend of a curry ketchup. Depending on dietary preferences, you might look for sauces that are low in sugar, gluten-free, or without added preservatives. Using our filtering system, you can easily select your preferences to find a sauce or dip that aligns with your culinary needs and health considerations.

We feature an array of top brands offering the best in cold sauces and dips. Tabasco, a brand synonymous with heat, delivers an intense kick with their Habanero sauce, perfect for aficionados of spicy cuisine. THOMY channels French culinary tradition with its delectably smooth Mayonnaise à la Française, creating a rich addition to sandwiches and salads. Callowfit offers a twist on a classic with their Curry Ketchup Sauce, a condiment that combines the familiar tomato foundation with aromatic curry spices. Kikkoman, a household name in Asian cuisine, brings the umami-packed soy sauce that's a staple for marinating or as a dipping sauce. Heinz combines the sweet and the heat in their Curry Spice Ketchup, a versatile condiment ready to enhance any dish. Each brand provides its own unique flair, ensuring there’s a sauce or dip to satisfy any palate.