Sponser Whey Isolate 94

Chocolate, 1 pcs., 1500 g

WHEY ISOLATE 94 from SPONSER® is a pure whey protein isolate of the highest quality from milk of grass-fed cows. It is ideally suited for the daily protein requirement for building and maintaining muscle mass, for promoting regeneration and for supporting weight reduction as part of a calorie-reduced diet. The high biological value (170 according to Oser) as well as a gentle manufacturing process (CFM or Cross Flow Filtration) for a quality as natural as possible underline our quality standards.

WHEY ISOLATE 94 is the "purest" of all protein products. The CFM production process gently removes lactose (milk sugar) and fat. The result is a lactose-free, easily digestible whey protein end product with a very high protein content (90% in pure powder, 94% in dry matter). It also has a naturally high BCAA content of about 25%. Due to the high protein quality, the goals of muscle building and weight reduction can be supported equally. WHEY ISOLATE 94 is also suitable for active people and convalescents with increased protein requirements as well as for regeneration in endurance sports.

Whey protein is considered the most complete protein, with the ideal ratio of all nine essential amino acids. The human body cannot produce these essential amino acids on its own, but must absorb them with food.

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Protein powder
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1 pcs.
1500 g
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