Dymatize Iso 100

Vanilla, 1 pcs., 2264 g



Everyone who strives for a defined yet powerful physique knows the challenge of optimising muscle build-up on the one hand and taking into account a targeted calorie intake on the other. This requires the highest product quality, so that in addition to the right amount of high-quality proteins, as few excess calories as possible are consumed.
ISO100 HYDROLYZED is a premium combination of hydrolysed whey protein isolate and whey protein isolate - DYMATIZE's most advanced formula. Hydrolysis breaks down whey protein isolate into smaller amino acid chains and makes it easy to digest. ISO100 HYDROLYZED is the perfect choice after and especially before intense strength training sessions. Free of sugar and fat, one serving contains less than 116 kcal when mixed with water.
▪ 25 g whey protein isolate per serving.
▪ Each serving contains 5.6-5.8 g BCAAs and of these, 2.6-2.7 g of the important amino acid L-leucine, depending on the flavour
▪ Sugar and fat free and less than 116 kcal per serving (mixed with water).
▪ Gluten-free
▪ Suitable for vegetarians
▪ Tested by "Informed-Choice" for banned substances, for more athlete safety and highest product quality

Key specifications

Dosage form
Training goal
Muscle building, Weight gain
sports nutrition type
Protein powder
Items per sales unit
1 pcs.
2264 g
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