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Air Wick Day by the sea

Air Wick Fragrance Oil Bottle Refill Day by the Sea - The combination of scents of dried driftwood, the sea and a warm breeze brings a holiday mood to your home. The Air Wick fragrance oil bottle devices give you ultimate fragrance control and continuously diffuse a pleasant scent. Create your individual feel-good atmosphere in your home with the Air Wick fragrance oil bottle device and the wonderfully scented fragrance oil bottles with essential oils. The fragrance oil bottle device consumes only 2 W and thus 4 less electricity than a usual LED lamp (9W with 806 lumens). You can adjust the intensity according to your needs and enjoy a fascinating fragrance experience for up to 75 days. Air Wick Life Scents - The new Air Wick Life Scents technology ensures that the scents are as realistic as possible by combining 3 scent components. Discover a completely new, innovative fragrance technology with "Life Scents" from Air Wick. Air Wick Life Scents fragrances are unlike anything that has come before in room fragrances. They are the first fragrances that change continuously, providing a fragrance experience "just like real life". Always read the label and product information before use. www.rbeuroinfo.com

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Driftwood, Sea
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19 ml
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