Best products in the Massagers category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Fitagon Shiatsu

Do you suffer from neck pain and long for a massage? Does your neck feel tense and your muscles are stiff? The Fitagon Shiatsu Massager will help you relieve your tension, headaches and feel fresh after a long day at work. Shiatsu massage comes from Japan and means "finger pressure massage". The Fitagon Shiatsu Massager imitates this finger pressure to give you the feeling of a Shiatsu massage at home or in the car. The Fitagon Shiatsu Massager has 16 massage buttons that give you an optimal massage experience. It is very easy and practical to use because of the 4 visually different buttons. It has a built-in heat function that can be turned on and off as needed. The massage direction changes automatically every minute, but can also be controlled manually. The Fitagon Shiatsu Massager has three different speed levels, which allows you to find the right speed and intensity for you. The Shiatsu Fitagon Massager can be used for the whole body. Areas such as neck, shoulders, back, hips, legs and feet can be massaged easily and comfortably. 

2. Blackroll Standard

The mother of all fascia rollers. The standard fascia roller is ideal for people who want to improve their mobility and specifically treat painful muscle stiffness. The massage roller is a real classic, which is not only suitable for self-massage and regeneration of the back and neck, but also as a functional training tool to strengthen deeper lying muscles. Due to its handy size and easy handling, the Blackroll is the perfect companion - no matter whether it is used at home, in the gym or while traveling. The Blackroll is the ideal tool for self-massage of the back, neck, trunk muscles thighs or calves. 

3. Prorelax Vacuum massager

Based on the principle of subcutaneous endomassage. This is a massage device that penetrates through all skin layers into the subcutis (hypodermis). In contrast to traditional massage techniques, endomassage does not compress and squeeze the different skin layers, but on the contrary pulls them apart by strong sucking. The Prorelax vacuum massager was developed for use at home. The treatment with the vacuum attachments only works optimally if cream or lubricant is applied beforehand. The suction cups are then completely tight and glide better over the skin. The Prorelax vacuum massager also works wirelessly for up to 20 minutes. But you can achieve full power and an optimal massage by connecting the device to the mains. Please also note that the charger battery must be charged for 8 to 12 hours before the first use in order to get the best possible performance. A practical safety valve allows the intensity of the suction power to be regulated at any time. You will also receive a suction massage device, three exchangeable suction bells, power supply and detailed instructions for use. 

4. Relaxdays Head Massager Metal

Head Massager for Stimulation of the Scalp

From time to time, it is important to treat yourself, especially after a long, stressful and exhausting day. Using this
head massage spider, you can treat your skin to a tingling relaxing massage that will make your tensions go away and improve upon your well-being Of course, the joy is only doubled if the massager is operated by someone else, so you can let go completely. The black tips ensure a gentle and overall soothing use. This head massager comes without any sharp edges and is available in various colours. 

Relaxdays Head Massager Metal
Quantity discount
8.05per piece for 3 units

Relaxdays Head Massager Metal


5. Perform Massage ball 9cm

PERFORM massage balls are suitable for reflexology, finger and grip exercises, as well as for promoting blood circulation.

The set includes 2 pieces.

6. Trigger Point grid foam roller

The Grid Foam Roller is based on a hard inner roll and a softer outer roll, which is crossed by a grid of recesses at different distances. This revolutionary design increases the massage effect and allows the intensity level to be changed quickly and continuously. The hard inner roll can be loaded with the complete body weight and enables complete, fast and effective core workouts. 

Trigger Point grid foam roller

Trigger Point grid foam roller


7. Blackroll Duoball 8

Made of the proven material of the BLACKROLL. Combines the possibilities of the BLACKROLL STANDARD with the BLACKROLL Ball 12cm. For precise application, small, light and ideal for travelling. For use on floor and wall. Especially the muscles of the back, buttocks, thighs and feet can be massaged intensively.Ultralight, free of propellants and other chemical propellants, odourless, robust, abrasion-resistant and insoluble in water, good resistance to chemicals and oils, physiologically harmless, thermally stable. 

Blackroll Duoball 8
19.80was 21.90

Blackroll Duoball 8


8. Quick Aid Neck Stretcher

Muscle tension in the upper back, neck or shoulders is common these days. Stiff muscles, compressed nerves and unhealthy spinal alignment are often causes of neck pain and headaches. The Neck Stretcher is a lightweight orthopedic neck stretching device. Thanks to the combination of an acupressure massage and the natural neck muscle traction, the Neck Stretcher releases tension and relieves head and neck pain. Use the neck stretcher for as little as 5 to 15 minutes a day to relax your neck, shoulders and upper back. This also leads to a quality sleep and more energy.... 

9. Blackroll Ball

Made from the proven BLACKROLL material for a targeted, selective massage on body regions where the BLACKROLL Standard only works to a limited extent. Very well suited in the area of the gluteal and posterior thigh muscles. For targeted applications, small, light and ideal for on the go. For use on the floor and on the wall. The BLACKROLL Ball is an ideal supplement to the BLACKROLL Standard, for selective self-massage and to enhance the BLACKROLL effect. Especially the muscles of the back, buttocks, thighs and feet can be massaged intensively. Ultralight, free of propellants and other chemical blowing agents, odourless, robust, abrasion-resistant and insoluble in water, good resistance to chemicals and oils, physiologically harmless, stable to heat deformation. 

Blackroll Ball
Quantity discount
11.–per piece for 2 units

Blackroll Ball


10. Hyperice Hyperice Normatec 2.0 Leg Recovery

The NormaTec Pulse 2.0 is the next generation of recovery for athletes. The Pulse 2.0 for the legs gives you fresh legs faster, helps you to warm up before training and to recover properly after training and competition. The patented technology of NormaTec, trusted by 97% of professional teams, increases blood flow, reduces pain and soreness and gives you that competitive edge. The Pulse 2.0 also has a Bluetooth enabled app that allows you to seamlessly integrate your recovery session into your training plan and control your session directly from your mobile phone.\r\nFunctions Includes NormaTec Pulse 2.0 control unit, tubing, power supply and two leg attachments Bluetooth wireless technology enabled app Worldwide voltage 12 V power and rechargeable Li-ion battery Compact, lightweight construction Adjustable time, pressure and zone settings Zone Boost function Reinforced, durable construction This product is the standard size from 160-190cm body height 

Hyperice Hyperice Normatec 2.0 Leg Recovery (One size)

Hyperice Hyperice Normatec 2.0 Leg Recovery

One size