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1. Placide Respirators

Certificate according to test standard EN 149 Mask is fastened around the ears. Tight-fitting respirators according to test standard EN149 reliably protect the wearer from particles, bacteria and viruses. Respiratory protection masks of the classification FFP2 have a tested particle retention capacity of over 95%. Note: Respiratory protection masks are only useful in combination with other hygiene measures and rules of conduct. It is also important to put on and wear the masks correctly. Comfortable and elastic ear loops for fixation behind the ears. Modelable nose clip. Soft and supple non-woven material. Latex and fibreglass free. Low breathing resistance. -No odor and durable -Lightweight and comfortable to wear -Comfortable, non-irritating -For personnel contact workers -Protection of personnel -Single use. 

2. Medisana RM 100

Medical FFP2 respirator It offers protection against solid and liquid dusts, smoke and aerosols. The medisana RM 100 respirator is particularly effective thanks to its efficient 3-layer filter system: it is composed of spunbond, meltbond and nonwoven and thus provides the high-grade filtering of up to 95 percent of all particles in the air. Intended for single use, the respirator is tested and CE certified. The hygienic individual packaging of the medisana RM 100 respiratory protection mask prevents contamination before use. Protection class FFP2 The RM 100 respirator mask from medisana is a category FFP2 respirator mask. The hygienic individual packaging of the medisana RM 100 respiratory protection mask prevents contamination before use. Tested and CE certified The medisana FFP2 respiratory protection mask RM 100 is tested and CE certified according to the EN 149:2001 and + A1:2009 standard in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/425 for personal protective equipment. The mask is intended for single use. Efficient 3-layer filter system The medisana FFP2 RM 100 respiratory protection mask is particularly effective thanks to its efficient 3-layer filter system: it is composed of Spunbond, Meltbond and Nonwoven, providing high-level filtering of 95 percent of all particles in the air. The ten masks are each individually packaged in a PE bag. 

3. Tect foldable respirator

Tested according to EU 2016/425 / PSA EN 149 by notified test laboratory 2834Nosepiece adjustableComfortable fit. Highest quality. Description of donning. Press mask on with one hand. Pull the straps over the ears or connect them at the back of the head. Adjust the nose straps with both hands to achieve a good seal fit. 

Tect foldable respirator (FFP2, 10 x)
Face masks
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9.65 per piece for 2 units

Tect foldable respirator

FFP2, 10 x

4. Tect Medical type IIR

This disposable medical mask with ear flaps is type IIR filtration efficiency &gt98%EN Standard tested according to: EN 14683 and ISO EN 13485EU Standard Class: Type IIR Test Laboratory: TÜV SÜD Swissmedic: YesDisposable product is for single use only3 Layer/LayersMaterial: non-woven fabric, meltblown. 

Tect Medical type IIR (Type IIR, 50 x)
Face masks
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4.20 per piece for 4 units

Tect Medical type IIR

Type IIR, 50 x

5. 3M Respirator 9623, FFP2, 3 pieces

Mask type: Disposable mask, Size: One size fits all, Protection class: FFP2, Colour of details: White.

3M Respirator 9623, FFP2, 3 pieces (FFP2, 3 x)
Face masks
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8.15 per piece for 3 units

3M Respirator 9623, FFP2, 3 pieces

FFP2, 3 x

6. Buff Filter Mask

Reusable fabric mask with 98% filtration efficiency. The filters meet the DIN EN 14683 I & II standard for surgical masks. Each mask contains five replacement filters. Comfortable to wear: lightweight and a soft feel. For hand washing they recommend the Safty Wash. This detergent from Heysport also eliminates bacteria at low temperatures. This is sufficient to eliminate pathogens and viruses. The three-layer mask is made of CoolNet UV + fabric, which is 95% recycled polyester. The mask contains a replaceable filter system developed by Finnish specialists Ahlstrom-Munksjö, which has a bacteria filtration efficiency of 98%. The filter complies with the standard for surgical masks (UNE EN 14683) for bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE%) and differential pressure, ensuring the lowest breathing resistance. In addition, HeiQ ViroBlock technology, an antibacterial treatment applied to the mask's inner pocket fabric, protects it from microbes and germs while helping to control odors. This special coating lasts through up to ten washes at 60 ° Celsius.The adjustable fit and light weight make the BUFF filter mask comfortable to wear even during prolonged use. The ergonomic design avoids uncomfortable pressure points behind the ears, as the mask is fitted around the back of the head and neck and the wearer hardly feels it. A version for adults and an optimized model for children guarantee reliable wearing comfort. Designed and manufactured in Igualada in the province of Barcelona. 

Buff Filter Mask (Protection class II, Protection class I)
Face masks

Buff Filter Mask

Protection class II, Protection class I

7. Allmed FFP2

Filtering respirator FFP2 suitable for protection against non-toxic solid and liquid aerosols, EN 149:2001+A1:2009. This filtering respirator is category III of Regulation (EU) 2016/425. It is a single-use mask designed to protect the user. 

Allmed FFP2 (FFP2, 51 x)
Face masks
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10.50 per piece for 2 units

Allmed FFP2

FFP2, 51 x

8. Stöckli St??ckliMed Respirator FFP2 without valve DEU

St??ckliMed Respirator FFP2 without valveManufacturer \r\nDR. B??HLER DROPA AG \r\nBinzstrasse 38 \r\nCH-8045 Z??rich \r\nWebsite:

Stöckli St??ckliMed Respirator FFP2 without valve DEU (10 x)
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9.75 per piece for 2 units

Stöckli St??ckliMed Respirator FFP2 without valve DEU

10 x

9. NoName Masks

Disposable masks with earpiece. Type FFP2 protect against particles and aerosols. Conforms to EN 149:2001+A1:2009.

NoName Masks (FFP2, 10 x)
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NoName Masks

FFP2, 10 x

10. 3M Respirator 9320PRO5

- Flat collapsible P1 disposable respirator that provides reliable and effective protection against a low level of fine dust and mist|| The mask with the ingenious 3-piece design ideally adapts to different face shapes and facial movements, for example when speaking, and thus significantly increases the comfort of the day.
- Filtering technology with low breathing resistance makes it easier to breathe while working. Ingenious 3-piece design allows more facial movements when speaking and is particularly comfortable to wear
- Seal point on the top of the mask minimizes goggle fogging
- Headgear is colored for easy identification: yellow for FFP1, blue for FFP2 and red for FFP3
-An innovative chin tab for easy fitting and comfortable fit of the respirator on the face
- Supplied in hygienic packaging to protect the respirator from contamination before use. Also suitable for convenient storage and removal at the workplace.
- The special design of the nose region adapts to the nose and facial contours and increases compatibility with 3M glasses.