Best products in the Face mask accessories category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. 3M Replacement filter P2 for A2P2 6002C, 10 pairs

3M Particulate Filters 5925 are our replacement filters designed for P2 protection against solid and liquid particles. They can be used with 6000 series filters in conjunction with a 501 filter cap to provide combined protection from gases and particles, for example, during commercial painting operations. They are suitable as dust and particle filters and are available in packs of 10. 

2. 3M Replacement filter for respirator half mask 6002C

3M filters for paint spraying 6002 CR are our replacement filters for the 3M mask for paint spraying 6002. They provide protection against solvent-based paints, adhesives, cleaning agents and medium exposure to fine dust. These filters are suitable for paint spraying and sanding work in the DIY sector. 

3. 3M ABE1 6057 respirator combination filter

Meets the requirements of European standards EN 14387, 6035 and 6038 models: EN143:2000; 6051 model: A1 EN 141:2000. Mercury vapour has no taste or odour, maximum usage time is 50 hours. Order no. 358-2404. For this order no. there are four filters 2 x 2 pairs. Gas and vapour filters 6000 series. These gas and vapour filters have a well-balanced sleek design, so that the weight sensation is minimized and thus the wearing comfort is increased. The wearing position of the filters ensures an excellent field of vision. 

4. GVS Elipse replacement filters for respirators

GVS Replacement filters for respirator Elipse, Filters P3/pack of 1 pairs

Replacement filters, pack of 1 pairs.

5. 3M Cleaning cloth 105 for Makenkörper

For quick and convenient cleaning of sealing lips or mask bodies.

6. 3M P1 6000

Particle filter P1 for mask 6000 5911/30, box à 30 pcs. Replacement filter for Model 6000 masks.

7. 3M P2 Particle insert filter 5925

Particle filter P2 for mask 6000 5925/20, box of 10 pairs. Against harmful fine dusts, complies with the European standard EN 143.

8. 3M Combination filter Secure Click against gases / vapours

3M gas/vapor filter D8059 ABEK1 Secure Click, 1 pack of 2 filters.

9. 3M Filter A2 for paint spray mask

The right filter for every application. No matter in which field of work you use respirators, the extensive filter program gives you optimum safety and allows you versatile application possibilities. The program is designed so that all filters fit onto the 6000, 7000 and 7500 mask series by means of a bayonet click connection. Suitable for: Solvent-containing paints/lacquers, automotive industry, aircraft construction and repair, Shipbuilding, Manufacture and use of dyestuffs and printing materials, Production and use of adhesives, paint and varnish production and resin production and use. 

10. Protective cover