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1. Elmex Anti-Caries Protection

Keep your smile looking good by protecting it against cavities with elmex Anti-Caries Protection Toothpaste. Cavities can be caused by sugar in food and also lead to mineral loss in your teeth, which is why it’s important to use a cavity protection toothpaste. Because cavities develop over a long period of time, using an anti-cavity toothpaste can help stop or even reverse this process. elmex Anti-Caries Protection Toothpaste has been formulated with highly effective amine fluoride that works hard to protect your teeth against cavities. The cavity protection toothpaste quickly forms a protective layer over your teeth, which remineralises them and also prevents mineral loss. Because of this, the anti-cavity toothpaste strengthens your enamel and makes your teeth more resistant against caries. Using this cavity-protection toothpaste is a great way to look after your teeth and give you the confidence to smile brightly all day. 

Elmex Anti-Caries Protection (75 ml)
Dental care products
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4.95 CHF per piece for 4 units 66.– CHF/1l

Elmex Anti-Caries Protection

75 ml

2. Marvis Whitening Mint Tooth Paste

COLD MINT'S POLAR THRILL PROVIDES A LONG-LASTING TASTE EMOTION AND ITS WHITENING EFFECT CREATES AN UNFORGETTABLE SMILE. Marvis toothpaste flavors are created by offsetting the aroma of mint, to provide the freshness you need, with innovative notes to offer you a long-lasting pleasurable taste sensation that can be different every day. The flavours are offered in formulas that maximize their impact and effectiveness. The Marvis Formula: white, protected teeth, fresh breath all day long, helps prevent tooth decay, tartar and plaque. A rich, creamy toothpaste tingles in your mouth and removes plaque and tartar for a sparkling white smile. The icy shiver produced by the "cool" mint leaves you with a lasting taste and unforgettable freshness. Whitens the tooth enamel to make sure your smile even brighter and more beautiful. 

3. Curaprox black is white

Whitening Toothpaste Black Is White removes discoloration with activated carbon without sanding or bleaching. Strengthens oral health: Enzymes protect against caries and support saliva functions. 15'000 ppm hydroxyapatite (nano) remineralize the tooth enamel and close exposed dentine channels. 

4. Elmex Children's 0-6 years

Milk teeth deserve the best protection and care: they act as placeholders and are a prerequisite for healthy permanent teeth. The elmex children's toothpaste for children aged 0-6 years with 0% colourants contains the unique amine fluoride for effective protection. It forms a protective calcium fluoride layer on the enamel, makes the teeth more resistant to caries-induced mineral breakdown and helps to reintegrate the minerals removed by caries into the enamel. The children's toothpaste contains the fluoride content of 500ppm recommended by doctors. 

Elmex Children's 0-6 years (75 ml)
Dental care products
Quantity discount
5.65 CHF per piece for 3 units 75.33 CHF/1l

Elmex Children's 0-6 years

75 ml

5. Elmex Opti-namel Professional

For effective protection of teeth and enamel, try elmex Opti-namel Seal & Strengthen Professional Toothpaste. This enamel toothpaste has a special formula that remineralises weakened enamel by depositing minerals onto it and also strengthening weakened areas. The enamel toothpaste contains clinically proven micro-sealing technology that helps to reduce enamel loss by up to 34% by creating a sealing layer. The seal from this remineralising toothpaste also helps to fight acids attacks from food and drinks that can lead to sensitivity and the loss of natural tooth whiteness. Keep your teeth healthy and more resistant for life with this enamel toothpaste. Vs fluoride free toothpaste. 

Elmex Opti-namel Professional (75 ml)
Dental care products
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8.05 CHF per piece for 3 units 107.33 CHF/1l

Elmex Opti-namel Professional

75 ml

6. Lavera Complete care

The lavera toothpaste Complete Care Fluoride-free with organic echinacea and calcium offers 5-fold all-round protection. The highly effective, fluoride-free formula with calcium reliably protects the teeth. 

7. Cleanicdent Tooth cleaning and whitening paste

Smoking, coffee, tea and red wine consumption as well as other influences can cause superficial tooth discolouration because saliva proteins bind the pigments on the tooth enamel. These discolorations can usually no longer be removed by normal oral hygiene, which is why a professional dental cleaning should also be performed by the dentist before using Cleanicdent. Cleanicdent contains the mineral perlite, which is also contained in many dental polishing pastes. The fine perlite particles in the toothpaste are first crystal-shaped, which allows them to remove discolouration optimally, and are then ground round by brushing to achieve a perfectly shiny polish. Thus, Cleanicdent differs from other intensive cleaning toothpastes, because the teeth are not damaged or too much abraded, but gently cleaned and polished. Thanks to the gentle perlite, Cleanicdent can also be used on dental restorations. Cleanicdent helps to maintain the natural whiteness and shine of the teeth after professional tooth cleaning and to remove existing discolouration, stains or plaque. The special paste can be used several times a week, in addition to normal toothpaste. The RDA value is kept low at 39 for gentle cleaning. Cleanicdent Tooth Cleaning and Whitening Paste. It is a gentle special cleaning paste with perlite. It is the only scientifically tested intensive cleaning paste with optimal cleaning effect while protecting the tooth substance. 

Cleanicdent Tooth cleaning and whitening paste (40 ml)
Dental care products
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10.60 CHF per piece for 2 units 265.– CHF/1l

Cleanicdent Tooth cleaning and whitening paste

40 ml

8. Curaprox Enzycal

Curaprox Enzycal 1450 Toothpaste.

9. Tebodont Tea tree oil

Inhibits plaque formation, strengthens the gums and is ideal for caries prophylaxis. Toothpaste contains tea tree oil and sodium fluoride. Fluoride helps to return minerals to the tooth surface, mineralising it to make the teeth more resistant to acids. 

Tebodont Tea tree oil (75 ml)
Dental care products
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8.40 CHF per piece for 3 units 112.– CHF/1l

Tebodont Tea tree oil

75 ml

10. Elmex Sensitive Professional Repair & Prevent

With elmex Sensitive Professional Repair & Prevent Toothpaste you can finally enjoy the foods and drink you love. Tooth sensitivity can be caused when your gums recede and your tooth enamel is damaged, which exposes small canals that lead to the tooth nerve. elmex Sensitive Professional Toothpaste is a toothpaste for sensitive teeth that can help with this. With its pro-argin technology, this sensitive toothpaste closes and repairs the canals and creates a long-lasting barrier to protect against sensitivity pain. With elmex Sensitive Professional Repair & Prevent Toothpaste you’ll get instant relief from sensitivity when you apply it directly to the sensitive tooth with your fingertip, then massage it gently for up to a minute, twice a day. What’s more, this sensitive toothpaste contains zinc to strengthen gums and help prevent gum recession, which is a main cause of sensitivity. Now you can finally experience the relief from sensitivity you've been looking for when you use this sensitive toothpaste. 

Elmex Sensitive Professional Repair & Prevent (75 ml)
Dental care products
Quantity discount
7.65 CHF per piece for 3 units 102.– CHF/1l

Elmex Sensitive Professional Repair & Prevent

75 ml