Best Medisana products in the Massagers category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Medisana products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Medisana BBS bubble bath

With the BBS air bubble bath you can easily and conveniently bring your wellness oasis into your home. The use of the air bubble bath promotes well-being after a strenuous day and ensures deep relaxation. The individually adjustable bubble function loosens tense muscles. The switchable heating and the integrated fragrance carrier bring you additional relaxation. 

2. Medisana MC825

The application of Medisana's MC 825 Shiatsu acupressure massage seat cover promotes well-being after a strenuous day. Two massage heads in the neck/shoulder area and two rotating double massage heads in the back area provide an intensive shiatsu massage. You can choose between the massage zones "upper back", "lower back" and "whole back". For an innovative relaxation experience, the seat cover is also equipped with air cushions that pamper you with a gentle acupressure massage in three individually adjustable intensity levels in the waist and thigh area. In addition, it is equipped with a switchable heat function in the massage heads in the back and an automatic switch-off after 15 minutes. You can make your settings conveniently via the easy-to-use control unit. 

3. Medisana AC850

The AC 850 cellulite massager from Medisana effectively supports you in your self-massage and is particularly powerful in stimulating the tissue due to its mains operation. Cellulite is caused by an uneven distribution of fat in the subcutis, dense connective tissue and poor blood circulation. This is where the AC 850 cellulite massager comes in. Three massage rollers are used on the underside. 

4. Medisana Air bubble bath BBS

Medisana 88382 BBS bubble bath, relaxing bubble bath with remote control, massage/bubble function in four intensity levels, switchable heating; Medisana 88382 BBS-Air bubble bath -Relaxing bubble bath with remote-controlled massage/bubble function in four intensity levels adjustable on the unit or by remote control -Heating-size soft mat (approx. 120 x 36 cm) for pleasant lying comfort aroma dispensers for fragrance oils integrated in the air hose-Automatic shut-off- particularly quiet due to noise-optimized design-appropriate for every bath tub. 

Medisana Air bubble bath BBS

Medisana Air bubble bath BBS


5. Medisana FM 888

Just a few minutes with the FM 888 foot massager is enough to relieve tension and loosen the foot muscles. The various types of massage from above and below intensively stimulate the foot reflex zones and the invigorating effect extends to the back. A unique relaxation experience for your home. 

6. Medisana Air bubble bath

In the twinkling of an eye, the MBH air bubble bath with the automatic heat function transforms your bathtub into a cosy whirlpool and invites you to relax and enjoy. It not only relaxes and massages you, but also stimulates your blood circulation and loosens your muscles. In addition, you can also use the bubble bath for aromatherapy thanks to the integrated aroma dispenser. 

7. Medisana NMG 850

The medisana comfort shiatsu neck massager NMG 850 offers you a soothing comfort shiatsu massage, specially designed for the neck and shoulder area. For physical well-being and relaxation after a hard day, especially its gel massage heads provide a natural and at the same time gentle "soft touch" massage experience. As the neck is an area of the body that is frequently and intensively affected by tension, the Comfort Shiatsu Neck Massager NMG 850 works precisely on the tense body regions, but can also be used just as flexibly on the back, abdomen and upper and lower legs. 

8. Medisana NM885

The Shiatsu neck massager NM 885 offers a relaxing Shiatsu massage in 3 massage speeds for the neck and shoulders. Since it can be used either in battery or mains operation, it is ideal for both home and on the go. The pleasant foam padding and the switchable heat function always provide comfort and cosy warmth. 

9. Medisana Whirlpool gift set

After a tiring day, to submerge oneself in an agreeable bath, being massaged by millions of small air bubbles and being completely relaxed: with the Medisana bubble bath you can create your own wellness oasis. You will relax a tense muscle structure and will stimulate the blood circulation in the whole body. This big mat, light and confortable, that can also be associated with your favourite perfumes, work very quietly and have a commutable heater. The bubble intensity can be adjusted individuall

Package content
Whirlpool gift set - M:
1x Medisana BBS (88382)
1x 200 ml Helfe Valerian/Melissa Bath (HE-5021)
1x 200 ml Helfe Eucalyptus Bath (HE-5141)
1x 200 ml Helfe Rosemary/Lavender Bath (HE-5031)
1x Wellnessproducts towel (WP-1200).

10. Medisana MC 250

The MC 250 Shiatsu massage cushion offers a soothing shiatsu massage with the help of 4 rotating massage heads. Thanks to its small and handy design, it can be used flexibly on different parts of the body such as the back, shoulders, legs and neck. The easy-care material, the simple "one-button" operation and the practical Velcro fastener for attaching to the back of the chair ensure smooth use in everyday life.