Best Beurer products in the Massage accessories category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Beurer products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Beurer Replacement electrode set

Repurchase electrode set small: 45 x 45mm. Self-adhesive electrodes. Eight pieces. Suitable for EM 40 and EM 80.

2. Beurer EM 50 Gel pads

Size: 50 x 56 cm -6 self-adhesive gel pads -2 years durability

3. Beurer Electrode repurchase set

Repurchase electrode set large: 50 x 100mm. Self-adhesive electrodes. Multiple use. Four of them. Suitable for EM 40 and EM 80.

4. Beurer Muscle Booster Pads

This after-sale set contains 3 gel film sets and 3 batteries and is to be used with the Muscle Booster from Beurer.

5. Beurer TENS Electrodes

1. Clean the skin before using
2. Insert the pins of the lead wire from the device into the electrode wire connectors

Package content
4x 45x45 mm.

6. Beurer Electrode set for EM 32/37/39

The set of two adhesive electrodes including cable for the Beurer abdominal muscle belts EM 32 / 37 / 39 are available as original accessories. They are used for targeted individual stimulation of specific muscle areas. 

7. Beurer Attachments for SMG16

Massage attachments fitting the Beurer Sanitas SMG 16 back and neck massage device.

Package content
Attachments for Sanitas SMG16.

8. Beurer TENS cable for EM80

Contact cable for Beurer EM80: If you need an extra cable to your EM 80 device to connect the electrodes, or if you need to replace the cable, you can order the appropriate contact cable separately here.

Package content
1x TENS cable for Beurer EM80.

9. Beurer Massage attachments for MG21

Three interchangeable massage attachments suitable for the Beurer MG21 massager. If you want to replace the attachments or if you have lost some of them, you can easily reorder the set here.

Package content
1x Massage attachments for Beurer MG21.

10. Beurer 2 EMS cuffs size L for homeSTUDIO muscle stimulation device

The cuffs are suitable for arm or leg circumferences of 50 - 75 cm and are used for muscle stimulation of the upper arm and thigh muscles during training. With the Beurer EMS homeSTUDIO you can easily and effectively train your muscles at home through electrical muscle stimulation. Choose between 40 training programs and 20 predefined workouts from the categories "Fitness & Power" or "Relax & Wellbeing" in the associated "beurer EMS HomeStudio" app.