A blowdryer or hairdryer is an electromechanical device designed to blow cool or hot air over wet or damp hair, in order to accelerate the evaporation of water particles and dry the hair. Blowdryers allow to better control the shape and style of hair, by accelerating and controlling the formation of temporary hydrogen bonds inside each strand. These hydrogen bonds are very powerful (allowing for stronger hair shaping than even the sulfur bonds formed by permanent waving products), but are temporary and extremely vulnerable to humidity. They disappear with a single washing of the hair. 

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Valera - Swiss Air4ever

Philips - DryCare Prestige Moisture Protect (HP8281/08)

Braun - Satin Hair 3 (HD350)

BaByliss - Expert Ionic & Ceramic (D371CHE)

Trisa - Luxury Hair kupfer

BaByliss - Speed Pro (6704WE)

Valera - Swiss Power4ever (SP4 RC)

Braun - Satin Hair 7 HD 730 (HD 730)

Gamma Più - E-T.C. Mini

Remington - Air3D (D7777)

BaByliss - Light 6610DCHE (6610CHE)

BaByliss - 5250CHE Creation Travel (5250CHE)

Remington - AC5999 Pro-Air AC (AC5999)

BaByliss - Travel Dry 2000 5344CHE (5344CHE)

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