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    Microbes, hair loss, styling mistakes: a hair scientist explains what healthy hair really needs

    by Natalie Hemengül


A blow dryer is not only a practical device for drying hair quickly, but also serves as a styling tool. But not all hairdryers are the same: The products differ greatly in their features, so we have summarised the most important points for you here.

What types of motors are there and how do they differ?
Basically, a distinction can be made between AC and DC motors. Professional models that are designed for use in hairdressing salons usually have a powerful and durable AC motor (alternating current motor). Compared to DC motors, it produces a stronger air flow and has a much longer service life. On the other hand, it is somewhat heavier. The DC motor (direct current motor) is best suited for private use. Compared to the AC motor, it is somewhat lighter, but usually has a somewhat shorter service life.

Which hairdryer suits my hair?
An important selection criterion is the condition of the hair. For thin hair, the dryer should definitely have heat protection so that the hair is not strained too much. Features such as humidity protection (where the appliance regulates the temperature itself per hair type), overheating protection, humidity sensors or even hair heat protection can help. The higher the wattage of the model, the hotter you can dry your hair with the hairdryer. However, models with 1800-2000 watts are usually sufficient. For curly or wavy hair, a model with a volume diffuser is recommended. This creates a gentle airflow that gives your hair more volume and elasticity.

What else should I look for when buying a hairdryer?
It often happens that the hair is statically charged after drying. An ionic hairdryer helps against this. It charges the atoms of the air sucked in negatively. This process is also called ionisation. The ionised air is then expelled from the hair dryer and ensures that the hair does not become statically charged during drying. The result: hair is smoother and shinier.

A removable filter is another advantage of a hairdryer. This is because it is important to clean the filter regularly to regulate the heat.

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