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    by Katja Fischer

Hair ties

Hair elastics are a must-have these days. On the one hand, hair elastics are used to tie the hair into a ponytail, for example during sports. On the other hand, hair ties are also available as stylish hair accessories in fine materials such as satin. Let yourself be inspired by our assortment in the area of hair ties, we offer a wide range of colors, shapes and materials. But what types of hair elastics are there anyway? Spiral hair elastics have become known especially through the brand Invisibobble. They are particularly gentle and leave no kink in the hair. That's why they are particularly suitable for chignon or chignon. The bungee hair elastic is an elastic band with two hooks. It can be wrapped around the hair very flexibly and is therefore the perfect hair elastic for ponytails. Scrunchies are wide fabric hair elastics and are currently celebrating the big comeback from the 80s. They can be used to tie loose ponytails. They also look chic when you wear them on your arm. Fabric hair ties are the most common form of hair ties. The number of sizes, shapes and colors is unlimited. They are especially suitable for thin to normal hair. Last but not least, there are the mini hair elastics, which are mainly used for braided hairstyles.