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    K-beauty: 10 facial care products that are worth the money

    by Natalie Hemengül

Facial masks

Face masks are among the trendiest face care products par excellence: Whether sheet masks, peel-off masks, clay masks or ordinary cream masks - you can find them all in our assortment. Masks are not only available for every skin type, but also for different application areas and budgets. Among the most popular face mask brands are: Beneva Black, Biotulin, Skin Republic, L'Oréal Paris and Garnier.
Sheet masks are particularly moisturizing. Due to the fleece, the face mask does not run off the face during the application time and offers a relaxing, cooling effect. Peel-off masks are particularly suitable for preventing minor impurities: they are applied evenly to the face and removed from the face after the application time. As a result, loose skin cells and excess sebum stick to it, leaving behind pore-deep cleansed skin.
Clay masks are said to have the same cleansing effect. In multi-masking, different masks are combined and their ingredients are specifically adapted to the special needs of the various skin areas on the face.