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    Dermocosmetics is moving into Galaxus - the expertise of dermatological skin care is now also available with us

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    How your make-up stays in place despite dry skin

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    Solid care products that rival their liquid counterparts

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Facial cleansers

Find with us a wide range of products for thorough cleaning of the face. We offer something for every situation and skin type: if it needs to go quickly practical cleaning wipes, for waterproof makeup suitable eye makeup remover or even special gels for facial cleansing with acne and impurities. Particularly trendy are micellar waters, which attract makeup residues and dirt like a magnet and thus cleanse deep into the pores.
Good cleansing products for women and men are offered by many brands. Especially popular with us are washing creams and cleansing balms from the following brands: Nivea, Clinique, Clearasil, Biotherm and Clarins.