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    How irritating! «Unscented» cosmetics aren't necessarily «fragrance-free»

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    Dermatologist's tip: how to identify your skin type

Face cream

In our range you will find a wide selection of face creams for different needs: Dry skin, blemished skin, oily skin or even anti-aging. Many of these can be used by both sexes, but we also have a special range of facial care for men. Our most popular facial care brands include: Nivea, When choosing your personal face cream, you should make sure that it suits your skin type first and foremost. For example, people with dry skin go for a moisturiser, while for oily skin that tends to blemish, an oil-free face cream is recommended. Every good face care routine includes at least one product as day care and night care. Routine is very important when it comes to skincare. Sure, it takes a bit to develop it, but once you've found a routine you're comfortable with, you should stick with it for a long time. This doesn't just apply to routines either, but to products as well. Don't change your products too often, if you find something that works for your skin, stick with it. When choosing your facial care, be careful not to irritate your skin with switching too often. For this reason, some dermatologists recommend sticking with one brand. Some of the most popular face cream brands in our store include: Nivea, Biotulin, Clarins, L'Oréal Paris, Clinque and Estée Lauder.