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Logona Facial Toner Organic Rose & Organic Aloe. This mild, alcohol-free toner gently harmonizes and stimulates the skin after cleansing, and prepares it optimally for the moisturizing or treatment product to follow.The series Logona Organic Rose was developed specifically for dry skin. Dry skin is characterized by a finely pored, thin and somewhat brittle surface layer. It tends to suffer from patches of irritation and red blotchiness, and frequently lacks elasticity. Symptoms that accompany dry skin include uncomfortable feelings of tension, itchiness, and premature wrinkling. External influences, such as solar radiation, cold, wind, and indoor heating, generally aggravate dry skin symptoms. Logona facial care for dry skin employs a rich phytocosmetic blend of deeply moisturizing, healing and soothing botanical ingredients, as well as natural moisture retaining agents. Mild vegetable oils ease skin tension and support natural regeneration processes to increase skin elasticity, providing immediate and tangible textural improvement. Experience the unique pleasure of naturally beautiful, healthy skin. Logona products protect and nurture your skin using gentle botanical forces. Active phyto-cosmetic ingredients and premium plant oils deliver your skin all it needs to retain its natural radiance and healthy good looks. Logona offers facial care and cleansing products formulated especially for the individual needs of your particular skin condition. All formulations incorporate the latest advances in dermatology, and take into consideration the changing environmental influences impacting your skin every day.Logona follows the principle of skin self-correctionHuman skin is alive and sensitive. It reacts to seasonal changes, to changes in life’s circumstances, and to environmental influences. These factors can cause normal, healthy skin to become oily, dry, or highly sensitive. The typical approach of skin care products to add oil and moisture to dry skin, or to withdraw them from oily skin, is simply not adequate. With this approach, the skin generally receives the wrong signal to correct the underlying problem. Logona products work differently.Underlying the Logona facial care program is a solid knowledge base focussed squarely on the natural functions of human skin. Derived from both modern dermatology and traditional herbo-logy, this expertise enables development of products which gently, but effectively stimulate the skin’s own powers of correction and healing. Corresponding to the natural rhythms and requirements of your skin, Logona formulates its facial products to deliver moisture and protection from external influences during the day, and to stimulate the skin’s regenerative functions during the night. In this way, the Logona program of coordinated day-and-night facial care supports optimally the protective, regenerative, and self-correcting functions of our skin.Logona facial care features- 100% compliance with the strict BDIH requirements for certified natural cosmetics- 0% synthetic colors, fragrances, or preservatives- 0% paraffins or other ingredients derived from petrochemicals- 0% ingredients derived from animal suffering or death- Dermatologist testing to ensure superior skin compatibility and effectiveness of every product. Ingredients/INCI Logona Facial Toner Organic Rose & Organic Aloe:Aqua (Water), Rosa Damascena Flower Water*, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Rosa Damascena Flower Extract*, Rosa Canina Fruit Extract*, Glycerin, PCA Ethyl Cocoyl Arginate, Sodium Lactate, Lactic Acid Shipping Weight: 190 g. more


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Gesichtsreinigungsmittel AnwendungsbereichFace

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Manufacturer Logona
Product type Face care products
Item number5953744

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Gesichtsreinigungsmittel Anwendungsbereich


The face is a central sense organ complex, for those animals that have one, normally on the ventral surface of the head, and can, depending on the definition in the human case, include the hair, forehead, eyebrow, eyelashes, eyes, nose, ears, cheeks, mouth, lips, philtrum, temple, teeth, skin, and chin. The face has uses of expression, appearance, and identity amongst others. It also has different senses like olfaction, taste, hearing, and vision.

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Product dimensions

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100 ml


Various ingredients
No silicone
No paraffin
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Logona Gesichtswasser Bio-Rose & Bio-Aloe (100ml) Logona Gesichtswasser Bio-Rose & Bio-Aloe (100ml)