Foreo Ufo 3

Face massager


Increase moisture levels by 126% in just 2 minutes. Reduce wrinkles in 1 week.

Hydration is important for not only how your skin looks, but also how it feels, and how well it is able to protect you.
Aging robs our skin of its once plump and supple nature, as it loses moisture and becomes drier - making it vulnerable to wrinkles, blemishes and dullness.

Ufo 3 uses 5 clinical technologies to deliver clinical anti-aging results and deep facial hydration. Clinically proven to increase hydration by 126% in 2 minutes & reduce the appearance of wrinkles in 7 days, the device fuses premium technologies.

Warming thermo-therapy allows mask ingredients and moisture absorb into deeper skin layers, improving elasticity while plumping, softening & smoothing. Cooling cryo-therapy depuffs and locks in precious actives and moisture, as full-spectrum LED light therapy revs up collagen production and refines, combating lines, blemishes, and dullness. The T-Sonic massage relaxes facial muscle tension points and boosts circulation delivering fresh nutrients & oxygen to every skin cell for a refreshed healthy glow.

Designed for personalized selfcare, the new & improved generation also features Easy Mode, allowing you to access 8 of your own customized treatments in offline mode. Clinically proven to be more effective than a sheet mask alone, Ufo 3 also pairs with extreme-efficacy Ufo activated masks and, Foreo's dual-mode sheet masks. Each clean formula satisfies a particular skin need and comes with its pre-programmed treatment to deliver the very best results.

Key specifications

Care functions
Humidification, Massage, Skin tightening
Power supply
Rechargeable battery operated
Exact colour description
Type of beauty equipment
Face massager
Item number