Foreo SUPERCHARGED™ SERUM 2.0 Electrolyte-enriched activated treatment

SERUM SÉRUM SERUM 2.0 gives the skin an irresistible, youthful radiance from now on - thanks to a powerful formula with up to 91% natural ingredients. Hyaluronic acid, ceramides, antioxidants, amino acids and squalane give the skin a firm and regenerated appearance that cannot be overlooked. This version 2.0 provides optimised conductivity thanks to the new electrolyte complex of sodium and potassium and is ideal for use with the FOREO devices with microcurrent function - for the most pleasant, safest application and the best results.

Thanks to the unique texture, the tools glide perfectly over the skin, both during the microcurrent treatment and during the T-Sonic™ massage, without irritating it, guaranteeing a deep-acting treatment. Pamper yourself and your skin with this highly effective self-care as the dermatologically tested, lightweight gel transforms any daily routine into a luxurious facial spa experience. Give your skin the clinically proven moisture boost and give yourself supple, smooth, firm and youthful looking skin. Your skin will thank you.

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