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1. Ultra Pro Pokémon SWSH Pocket Portfolio

Collector's folder for safe storage of Pokémon cards.

Dimensions: approx. 23 x 1 x 29.7 cm.

2. Ultra Pro Pokémon Pro Binder Pikachu

Ultra Pro Card Album Pro Binder Pikachu 9-Pocket.

3. Ultra Pro Card sleeves

All cards of the normal size (Pokemon, etc.) fit into these high-quality card sleeves of Ultra Pro. The package contains 100 sleeves. The Pro-Fit sleeves are designed to fit exactly into the normal Deck Protector sleeves of Ultra Pro. This means that particularly valuable cards can be protected twice over. For the storage and protection of trading cards. No PVC, acid-free. Highest transparency and highest strength. 

Ultra Pro Card sleeves
Trading Cards
Quantity discount
4.35per piece for 4 units

Ultra Pro Card sleeves


4. Pokémon Paldea Box

Note: Assorted item
Product available in three designs (See pictures).
Delivery takes place at random.

5. Ultra Pro Pro-Binder Eclipse 9-Pocket

9-Pocket folder for all trading cards with Deck Protectors, 20 double pages for up to 360 cards, ideal for collecting, swapping and storing.

6. Pokémon Elite Trainer Box

Get ready to battle like never before as Pokémon GO meets Pokémon Trading Card Game. The Pokémon TCG: Pokémon GO Elite Trainer Box is a great way to get started with this exciting expansion, thanks to the ten Pokémon TCG: Pokémon GO Booster Packs included. In addition, you'll get a Foil promo card featuring Mewtwo V. This Legendary Pokémon's Transfer Break attack deals 160 damage to your opponent's Active Pokémon while transferring an Energy attached to Mewtwo V to a Pokémon on your bench. This elite trainer box also contains many other useful items for the Pokémon TCG. There are 65 card sleeves of Mewtwo to keep your deck in good condition, 45 Energy cards to boost your team, damage counter dice and a coin toss die, acrylic condition and VSTAR markers, and a player's guide to the Pokémon GO expansion. The whole thing comes in a sturdy collector's box that's perfect for storing your cards. With this cool set, you'll be ready to go right away. Pokémon GO Elite Trainer Box contains: 10 Pokémon TCG: Pokémon GO booster packs, 1 foil promo card featuring Mewtwo V, 65 card sleeves featuring Mewtwo, 45 Pokémon TCG energy cards, a Pokémon GO expansion player's guide, 6 damage counter dice, 1 competitive coin toss die, 2 acrylic condition markers, 1 acrylic VSTAR marker, a collector's box for everything, with 4 dividers to keep things tidy, a code card that can be used in either Pokémon TCG Online or Pokémon TCG Live. 

7. Ultra Pro Folder pages

Pages with 11 holes for 9 cards up to 8.89 x 6.35 cm (ideal for all collectible cards). The pack contains 100 pages. All Ultra Pro stapling pages are manufactured to high quality standards: PVC and acid free, UV protection. Pages lie flat in folder. Stable welds. Highest transparency. 

8. Pokémon SWSH11 Elite Trainer Box

As the boundary between dimensions tears apart, Giratina VSTAR plunges the world into the abyssal shadow of the Lost Zone!

Be wary of the Lost Zone's power-unlike
the discard pile, cards that are sent here cannot be recovered. While Aerodactyl VSTAR harnesses this distorted power, Magnezone, Drapion, Hisuian Goodra, and Hisuian Zoroark also appear as Pokémon VSTAR to show off their own astonishing skills, joined by Kyurem VMAX. Above the shadows, Enamorus V and Radiant Gardevoir conjure up dazzling magic in the Sword & Shield-Lost Origin expansion!

- Over 190 cards
- 3 brand-new Radiant Pokémon
- 6 awesome Pokémon VSTAR
- 14 powerful Pokémon V and 1 enormous Pokémon VMAX
- 30 cards with special art in the Trainer Gallery subset
- More than 15 Trainer cards

Pokémon TCG: Lost Origin Elite Trainer Box includes:

- 8 booster packs of the Pokémon TC Game Expansion Sword & Shield - Lost Origin
- 65 card sleeves
- 45 energy cards from the Pokémon TCS
- 1 game guide for the Expansion Sword & Shield Lost Origin
- 1 rulebook for the Pokémon TCS
- 6 damage mark dice
- 1 coin toss dice allowed in competitions
- 2 plastic brands for special conditions
- 1 collection box for storing all items with 4 dividers for organizing
- 1 code card for the Pokémon TC Card Online.

9. Ultra Pro Ring binder

This high-quality, cushioned 3-ring folder offers space for approx. 80 pocket pages.

10. Pokémon Hisuian Zoroark Vstar

Pokémon Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR Premium Collection Box

Language: English

Filled with resentment and malice, Hisuian Zoroark uses illusions to confuse his opponents
and fool them,
but it becomes an invaluable ally once you win his trust. This Premium Collection is just what you need
to get Hisuian Zoroark on your side as Pokémon VSTAR, along with a copy of Hisuian Zoroark V to get him
faster in the game. You'll also find an oversized version of Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR suitable for display,
a host of Pokémon TCG booster packs, and more!

Box contents:
1 etched foil card featuring Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR
1 etched foil card with Hisuian Zoroark V
1 oversize foil card with Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR
6 Pokémon TCG booster packs
1 colourful Hisuian Zoroark pin
1 large metal coin
1 acrylic VSTAR marker
One code card for Pokémon TCG Live.