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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. BIG Bobby-Car

As a result of its outstanding quality and child-friendly design the Big Bobby Car Classic is the kid's favourite ride-on vehicle. The car body of this much-loved kid's car has been ergonomically designed to suit the needs of young drivers perfectly. An easy-grip steering wheel, four sturdy wheels, a trailer coupling both at the front and the back, as well as a knee recess for older children, make this classic model a real winner with tremendous play value. The stepless Ackermann steering system enables the Big Bobby Car to have a small turning circle. The outstanding quality of manufacture and low centre of gravity make the Big Bobby Car a particularly safe toy vehicle. 

2. Jamara Kids Mercedes-AMG GL 63

The officially licensed Mercedes-AMG GL 63 offers safe driving pleasure thanks to its stable and lovingly designed bodywork. This is also ensured by the low seat height and the specially designed anti-tipper at the rear end of the skid car. With the easy-grip steering wheel with horn, genuine fake headlights and the radiator grille and rims, the Mercedes-Slider is the ideal vehicle for the smallest discoverers both indoor and outdoor. In the 2in1 version there is also a push and hold handle for the slider. This means that even the smallest of children can be pushed comfortably and safely thanks to the side protection bar. 

3. BIG shoe care

When driving on children's vehicles, hard surfaces, sharp braking or much more can damage children's shoes. Now it's full speed ahead. Thanks to the BIG-Shoe-Care parents can breathe a sigh of relief and little junior racers can concentrate their entire attention only on trying out the various driving options.
The shoe protectors made of soft plastic material can be easily adjusted to the size of the shoes by means of the integrated latching lugs and can thus be fastened to all common children's shoes in sizes 21 - 27. The anti-slip profile on the underside of the shoe protectors ensures good support when driving and running. The high-quality plastic leaves no traces on floors.
Recommendation: First place both side flaps on top of each other to see which latch is required to adjust the size. Then remove the protector and simply click in the respective latching lugs. Only then pull the protector over the child's shoe (insert it at the front, then pull it up at the back).

BIG shoe care
Push ride-ons
Quantity discount
9.– CHF per piece for 3 units

BIG shoe care

4. BIG Bobby Car

The BIG Bobby Car Classic Flower is the perfect vehicle for all little learner drivers age 12 months and over who love soft colours and cute design. With its light pink chassis combined with pastel green wheel rims and steering wheel, not to mention its fun flower patterns, this BIG Bobby Car will not just appeal to girls thanks to its timeless elegance. The BIG Bobby Car Classic is legendary in its design and unbeatable when it comes to quality. The tried-and-tested chassis on this popular children’s car, which has remained the same for decades, is designed to perfectly meet the ergonomic requirements of junior drivers. Four sturdy, abrasion-resistant tyres ensure great road handling. The easy-to-hold safety steering wheel is fitted with a mechanical horn. Meanwhile, the BIG Bobby Car’s stepless Ackermann steering gives the vehicle a small turning circle. A trailer coupling at the front and rear, as well as a knee recess to make sure taller children can also have a go at driving, add to the play-enhancing features. 

5. BIG Slide vehicle Bobby-Car-Neo anthracite

Facelift of a legend - with the BIG Bobby-Car Neo, BIG is presenting a new generation of its red classic, which has been around and thrilled children for many years. The revolutionary, modern design makes the heraldic animal, the BIG Buffalo, stand out in particular. For example, the high-quality printed radiator grille is kept in the shape of the buffalo and the wide whisper tyres have a unique buffalo profile. The slightly darker, noble shade of the red version of the NEO is also new and symbolizes the new generation of the BIG-Bobby-Car in a very classic way. The chassis has been redesigned in a new stylish shape and the ergonomically shaped seat has an anti-slip surface. The cult car still has a safety knee recess and leg rest. The rear lights are pre-assembled plastic parts in the shape of stylised buffalo horns, and the smooth-running full-shell safety steering wheel ensures optimum grip and a pleasant feel. The BIG-Bobby-Car Neo is supplied as standard with extra wide, high-quality and abrasion-resistant soft plastic tyres which ensure a good grip and roll whisper quietly. In addition, the new version of the cult slide car has 3-piece closed rims which are particularly easy to clean. A detachable towing device at the front under the radiator grille and a trailer coupling at the rear enable BIG-Bobby-Car accessories to be attached and all standard BIG-Bobby-Car trailers to be used. The BIG-Bobby-Car Neo is revolutionary in its form and unbeatable in terms of quality. It is manufactured from environmentally friendly and hard-wearing plastic in the modern BIG factory in Germany. It is tested by TÜV in accordance with the strict guidelines for Tested Safety. The GS mark guarantees quality and safety. For young drivers aged 1-5 years. 

BIG Slide vehicle Bobby-Car-Neo anthracite
Push ride-ons
56.70 CHF

BIG Slide vehicle Bobby-Car-Neo anthracite

6. BIG BC Premium Push Rod

With the BIG premium push rod, the little ones' driving fun can be supported by adults and, if necessary, steered in the right direction. All it takes is a short push on the handle and the little racer's course can be safely determined or corrected. The included adapter allows the steering wheel to be locked, so that only the push rod can be used to steer. What sets the BIG Premium push rod apart from the other push rods in the range is the movable side guard, which allows the little racers to stay in place. Even if the little passenger is just being pushed comfortably and nods off at the wheel or loses his or her balance, the side protection prevents a fall and thus ensures even more safety. This means that even longer distances, such as the trip to the kindergarten, can be mastered in a super relaxed and safe manner.

If the side protection is not needed, it can simply be folded up and attached to the push bar. In addition to practical functions, the BIG premium push bar also has playful features. Gearshifts and keys on the sides provide additional play opportunities. The integrated backrest offers children additional support and with the help of the new ergonomic handle, two-handed control is also possible. This not only makes driving easier for the little ones, but also makes it more comfortable for the adults. The easy-to-use telescopic handlebar is 4-way height adjustable (from 88 cm - 107.5 cm) and can be moved into the transport position for space-saving transport. Assembly is very simple with a coupling pin already fixed to the push rod.

7. Puky Lino

Details: Vehicle type: running wheel. Age recommendation from: 1 year. Brake system: No brake. Height adjustable seat: No. Height adjustable handlebar: No. Detail color: Silver. 

8. BIG Bobby Car Classic Green Sea

The modern pastel colours of the BIG Bobby Car Classic Green Sea and the colourful, lovingly designed stickers with fish and sailing boat invite all children to go on exciting journeys. But it's not just the design of the ride-on vehicle that is impressive. The BIG Bobby Car Classic is legendary in its shape and unbeatable in terms of quality. The unchanged body of the popular children's car, which has been tried and tested for decades, is ergonomically perfectly adapted to the needs of young drivers. A non-slip safety steering wheel with mechanical horn, four robust and abrasion-resistant plastic wheels, a trailer coupling at the front and rear and a knee recess for older children complete the playful features. The BIG Bobby Car's stepless Ackermann steering ensures a small turning circle. The outstanding build quality and the low centre of gravity make the BIG Bobby Car a particularly safe toy and perfect for indoor and outdoor riding. The BIG Bobby Car Classic Green Sea is made from high-quality, recyclable materials in the modern BIG factory in Germany and is tested for maximum safety. BIG-buffalo strong! For children aged 12 months and over. 

9. BIG Bobby Car Walker

The BIG Bobby Car from BIG makes children's eyes sparkle all over the world. It was conceived as a walking aid with which children can train their little legs while driving and at the same time promote healthy development of the hips through the spread-out sitting position. The 2-in-1 baby walker from BIG is easily attached to the rear trailer coupling of the BIG Bobby Car. Thanks to the wide grip area, the little ones can easily support themselves and perfect their first steps when pushing the vehicle. The handle height is 40 cm. Thanks to the well thought-out anti-tipper, the children are safely protected against tipping over of the vehicle. At the same time the BIG-Bobby-Car Walker is suitable as backrest for the BIG-Bobby-Car. The BIG-Bobby-Car Walker perfectly complements the wide selection of accessories for the BIG-Bobby-Car and fits all vehicles of the Classic and New series. Like the beloved slide car, it is made in Germany from high-quality, environmentally friendly plastic material. The 2-in-1 baby walker is packed in a colourful box with easy-to-understand instructions on function and installation. 

10. BIG Bobby Car whisper wheels

Children love the "hearty engine noise"produced by the wheels of the BIG-Bobby-Car during hot spray rides over the asphalt. Many parents would like to keep it down occasionally. For them, BIG offers the BIG-Bobby-Car-Classic wheel set BIG-Whisper-Wheels for retrofitting to the BIG-Bobby-Car-Classic. Thanks to the special rubber compound, the red speedster rolls much more quietly through gardens and children's rooms. The wheel set can be attached to all BIG-Bobby-Car-Classic with the included mounting tool. To do this, the hat clips of the mounted wheels must be removed. The package includes mounting clips and installation instructions.