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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. tiptoi Starter set: pen and picture book My World

Unpack and get started. The starter set is perfect for getting started with tiptoi - the playful learning system. The required audio file is pre-installed on the pen and the integrated battery is charged. This way, children from the age of 2 can immediately discover the included book My World. From shopping to the playground, they accompany Junis through the day. Thanks to the sounds, texts, songs and search pictures, the children immerse themselves independently and interactively in the scenes. This makes learning really fun.Game instructions in DE. 

tiptoi Starter set: pen and picture book My World (German)
Learning games

tiptoi Starter set: pen and picture book My World



2. tiptoi tiptoi® - The pen

The tiptoi pen brings books and games to life. For even more tiptoi fun, the pen's superior audio quality now immerses children in an even more intense listening experience - interactively and independently. Thanks to the pen cover made of soft-grip material, the pen fits comfortably in children's hands. The integrated rechargeable battery offers more convenience. The 4th generation tiptoi pen is compatible with all tiptoi products (apart from Create products).Game instructions in DE. 

3. tiptoi charging station D

Where is the tiptoi pen? This search has now come to an end, because with the charging station it gets its permanent place in the room. Thanks to the magnetic connection, it can easily be placed in the station. The battery is charged there. And especially convenient: The charging station automatically downloads the required audio files for books and games via the WLAN network. So the tiptoi pen is always ready to hand and ready for the next tiptoi instructions in DE. 

4. Janod Magneti'book Dinosaur

Do you know Magnéti'book? These mobile and educational magnetic books are loved by young and old. How does it work? The magnetic set contains many magnetic elements to match by following the models or letting your creativity do the talking. This cardboard game will take little ones into the world of dinosaurs with 40 magnets and 10 cards with the Latin name of the dinosaur on them. The aim of the game is, after opening the book, to put together the dinosaur shown on the card using the magnets on the magnetic scene. The child can also have fun mixing the different parts to create even scarier creatures, as all the parts are interchangeable. Allows the child to improve his imagination and fine motor skills. 

Janod Magneti'book Dinosaur (French, Italian, English, German)
Learning games

Janod Magneti'book Dinosaur

French, Italian, English, German


5. tiptoi My Great World Atlas

The interactive world atlas for preschools: What is the name of the smallest continent? Where do the most poisonous animals in the world live? What do people in other countries eat? Who built the pyramids? With tiptoi children go on a journey around the world and get to know continents, seas, countries and capitals. Over 1500 authentic sounds, texts and songs convey how people live and speak elsewhere and what special animals there are on earth. 

6. Janod Animals

Educational toys made of cardboard to encourage creativity. Suitable for children from 3-8 years. Complete with a wide range of accessories. A 30-piece variation set in bright colours and packed in a high-quality folding box. It consists of 30 magnets, which can be assembled to the respective animals. These can be arranged on the magnetic cover. The 10 templates show how the little ones can assemble the different animals. This playfully promotes the imagination and creativity of your child. The practical storage box allows easy and comfortable transport so that your child can take his or her favourite toy with him or her wherever he or she goes. 

7. Franklin AnyBook audio pen

The recording
The Anybook audio pen is a pen-shaped voice output device that you can use to record words, book pages, pictures, songs, task lists, work stations
or objects. Simply place a sticker on any object you want to record. To assign a recording to the sticker, hold the audio pen on the sticker and record the desired text.

Playback is also done by touching the audio pen to the sticker. An optical reader reads the code and calls up the corresponding voice recording. Nothing can go wrong, because you can assign new recordings to the stickers as often as you like. They are even divisible (the extra-large stickers with the designation M723 are particularly suitable for this, as they can be cut into several stickers), so that you can listen to one and the same recording in different places. You can also put them in transparent sleeves or laminate them, e.g. to use them in the garden or to optimise them for years of use.

Make your own recordings with stickers
The unit has a recording capacity of 200 hours, which can be stored permanently. Included are 120 ready-made stickers with funny sounds and 280 free stickers (200 white and 80 transparent stickers) for making your own recordings. Additional sticker sets can be purchased if needed. Anybook stickers are of the highest quality, 2 cm in diameter (so they can be used by children with limited motor skills) and can be reused as often as they like. Thanks to a high-quality coating, the stickers are particularly durable and solid.

Share and archive
The Anybook Case software that comes with the stickers allows you to archive recordings, so you can simply save recordings you no longer need in the software and reuse the stickers again. The integration of music files and also the sharing of voice files is possible without any problems. This allows you to document your progress and retrieve it later at any time. In addition, you also have the option of assigning audio files to the stickers via the included software.

Get inspired & participate
At you will find an extensive Best Practice section all about the Anybook audio pen. Here you can get inspiration and application possibilities for kindergartens, primary and special schools, tutoring, speech therapy and speech therapy education at any time and download exercise materials. The collection is constantly being expanded because all the applications described come directly from Anybook users themselves.

Areas of application
The Anybook audio pen can be used wherever speech or language development is desirable. Due to the 100% individual content allocation, there are no limits. For example, the Anybook audio pen is used by children with a strong need for support in speech (non-speaking or barely speaking children), but also by children who are learning a foreign language. It is also a great help for children with reading and spelling difficulties or autism, aphasia, mental impairments and, of course, in early and communication support in general.

8. tiptoi clock and time

The main characters accompany the children through the book and learn, among other things, what hours and minutes are, how to read them correctly on the clock and what is going on at Paula's friends on the different days of the week. In addition, the children can travel through the four seasons, once around the world and with Grandma into the past. Only works with tiptoi pen. Pen must be purchased separately. This product has no tiptoi Create recording function. 

9. tiptoi Starter Set Pen and Farm Book

Unpack and get started! The starter set is perfect for getting started with tiptoi - the playful learning system. The required audio file is pre-installed on the pen and the integrated battery is charged. This way, children from the age of 4 can immediately discover everyday life in modern agriculture in the included book "On the Farm". Thanks to the sounds, texts, songs and audio games, the children immerse themselves independently and interactively in the scenes. This makes learning really fun! Type, play, learn! tiptoi brings books and games to life. When the children tap on pictures and texts with the pen, sounds, speech and music can be heard. This makes learning really fun! The tiptoi range includes books and games with the most important learning and knowledge topics for children. The associated audio files can be easily, safely and quickly loaded onto the pen via the tiptoi manager or the optionally available charging station. 

10. tiptoi tiptoi? The seasons relaunch

Discover spring, summer, autumn and winter! In spring the birds are chirping in their nests, in summer the children are looking for shells on the beach, in autumn colorful flowers are falling from the trees and in winter the snow is crunching under the boots ? in this book children from 2 years discover the exciting change of seasons. On each page there are many exciting search pictures that can be found again in the large scenes. Numerous sounds, story texts, rhymes and songs bring the illustrations to life.With the tiptoi series Search and Discover, little world discoverers from 2 years of age experience numerous stories, sounds and songs. In each book, children discover familiar scenes from their everyday lives. The child-friendly story texts, rhymes and songs always meet the children at eye level and with a lot of humor. The exciting pictures on each page, which can be found again in the large scenes, are especially fun. The simple hidden object game encourages children to look, listen and learn. Where are the crayons and where is the cat hiding? There is so much to discover here!tiptoi pen not included. Must be purchased separately.