Best products in the Juggling + Diabolo category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Eureka! Diabolo

Light blue diabolo with aluminum rods is a composite of rubber and plastic. Thanks to its light weight, this diabolo is perfect for high-speed use. These diabolos are well balanced and have safety nuts on the outermost points. The included hard sticks are made of aluminum. 

2. Jonglerie Juggling ball set

Juggling ball set, white-uni 3 pieces in bag, ø 66 mm, 130 g, with instructions.

3. Goki Juggling Cloths

Goki juggling cloths. Ideal for juggling, because the cloths float so nice and slow. So anyone can learn to juggle.

4. NoName Juggling balls

NoName 3 Juggling Balls

5. Eureka! Juggling cloths

Learn to juggle in one of the easiest ways. With the juggling set of 3 scarves, juggling is especially easy, after all, a scarf comes down slower than a ball, ring, club, etc. The cloths are made of 100% nylon, they can be safely stored in the practical net it on salvage. "First steps" instructions are included in English, French, German, Italian and Dutch. 

6. Megagic Yoyo

High-quality YO-YO made of ABS with 3 ball bearings with which you can do great tricks. The yo-yo is ideal for beginners as it is shockproof and can be quickly picked up thanks to the narrow centre bearing. The two ball bearings on each side of the yo-yo allow you to make figures just like with a hand spinner. 2 strings included. 

7. Eureka! Diabolo with LED lighting and aluminum sticks

Acrobat 105 LED lamp Diabolo with aluminium handsticks.

8. Oid Magic Diabolo

Diabolo fluorescent.

9. Megagic Yo-Yo

YO-YO made of aluminium with a standard ball bearing. This high-performance bearing with 10 balls allows you to learn even the most complicated tricks comfortably. Ideal for beginners and advanced skiers. 2 strings included in delivery. 

10. Jonglerie Juggling ball set Beach

Unfortunately there is no description available for this toy or game.