Best products in the Go-karts category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Chillafish Monzi-RS

Chillafish Monzi RS is an innovative foldable pedal go-kart in a stunning retro-modern racing design with forward and reverse pedal function. The clean, authentic Chillafish design makes the Monzi RS look like a real race car.

Monzi RS can be folded to save space in the house, the back of the seat can be folded down and that too without tools, the steering wheel can be released with a screw lock and
also folds to greatly reduce the size of this go-kart. In this way, it becomes easy to load Monzi RS into the car or hang it in the garage. The wall mount for this go kart is included in the package, just hang it up to save space.

The seat is easily adjustable without tools, making it suitable for active children.

With the large oversized 12 inch puncture free rubber skin wheels you can race at lightning speed, The rubber skin tires have strong grip and thanks to these - never have flat tires again. No more pit stops, just fun.

The automatic AFR hub allows you to go forward and backward easily ... Fortunately, there's always the handbrake if you get too fast. Last but not least, there is a real trunk in the front part to bring a toy or snack for the ride.

2. Hauck Lightning

The Lightning by hauck TOYS FOR KIDS was designed as a pedal car for beginners. Light weight, sporty design and trendy colouring make the Lightning a real fun vehicle for boys and girls from the age of 4. In addition to training strength, endurance and reaction times, this go-kart can be used to playfully learn the first traffic rules and even reverse parking. To ensure that the speed always remains under control, the easy-to-use handbrake acts on both rear wheels and thus offers optimum safety. The bucket seat is adjustable according to the child's leg length and is equipped with a comfortable backrest. 

3. EzyRoller Classic

Cool fun for kids. Bragging is done with the legs by wiggle movements with the swiveling front wheel. Coordination and dexterity are automatically trained and offers the kids a huge driving fun.

4. Hauck Cyclone

The Cyclone go-kart from hauck Toys for Kids is easy to handle and is suitable for children aged 4 and over. The large front cover in race design underlines the sporty character. Large 12" wheels and the high seating position allow immediate driving fun. To keep the speed under control at all times, the easy-to-use handbrake acts on both rear wheels for optimum safety. The bucket seat is adjustable and equipped with a comfortable backrest. 

5. BERG Trailer coupling for Buddy Go-Kart

The Buddy trailer hitch is specially designed for the Buddy in combination with the Trailer L or Tandem Trailer L. The trailer hitch fits all Buddy pedal go-karts and is very easy to use. The spring lock pin ensures that the trailer can not detach itself. Thus, safety is guaranteed during the ride.

BERG Trailer coupling for Buddy Go-Kart

BERG Trailer coupling for Buddy Go-Kart


6. Chillafish Go-Kart Monzi-RS

The Chillafish Monzi RS is an innovative foldable pedal go-kart to unleash your child's inner speed demon. With four different colors, a great clean but authentic Chillafish design, Monzi RS has the look of a real race car. Innovative foldable pedal go-kart in a stunning retro-modern racing design with forward and reverse pedal function. For active kids from 3 to 7 years old, perfect to have fun and play with a real race car. Easy seat adjustment; no tools required to adjust the seat back and forth. Race at lightning speeds with these air-free oversized 12 inch puncture-free rubber tires; the rubber tires have great grip and do not need to be inflated. Foldable for easy storage: the seat back folds down without tools, you unscrew the steering wheel and the steering column folds down to reduce the size. A wall mount is included, just hang it up to save space. The automatic AFR hub allows you to go forward and backward with freewheeling in both directions. Fortunately, there is still the handbrake if you get too fast. Trunk in the front: to bring a toy or snack for the ride. Fun on four wheels, forward, backward, fast racing and easy to store, what more does your racing devil need? 

Chillafish Go-Kart Monzi-RS

Chillafish Go-Kart Monzi-RS


7. SoFlow Flowkart Pro

The drift kart for adults. Pure driving fun for all ages. The maximum speed of 30 km/h has given everyone an adrenaline rush. May only be driven on private property. Front brakes - electronic. Lithium-ion battery. Battery Volt 36 V. Battery charge 4.4 Ah.
Engine power 350 W. Charging time 3 hours.

8. Rolly Toys rollyUnimog Forest

RollyToys rollyUnimog Forst.

Rolly Toys rollyUnimog Forest

Rolly Toys rollyUnimog Forest


9. BERG Reppy Rebel

With a flashy reppy, your kid will steal the show anywhere in the neighborhood. The low bucket seat and eye-catching sports steering wheel alone are real eye-catchers. For adults, the Reppy is easily portable thanks to the frame handle. The Reppy is lightweight and compact, making it easy to store after play. The Reppy's bucket seat can be easily adjusted by turning a knob in the seat. Completely without tools. Thanks to the low seat, there is no need to adjust the steering wheel. Regardless of the seating position, the steering wheel is always within easy reach for the child. The Reppy is suitable for children from 2.5 to 6 years. EVA tires are made of a high-tech foam. This material is the ideal alternative for the Berg Reppy to conventional rubber tires with inner tube and casing. Thanks to its composition, EVA tires are as resistant to wear as the usual rubber tires, but punctures are a thing of the past. In addition, they are very quiet when driving, which makes them ideal for use indoors. The Berg Reppy has a fixed connection between the front pedal axle and the rear axle. This means that the movement of the legs is immediately translated into the movement of the rear wheels. This makes the Berg Reppy extremely simple and easy to drive. Both forward and backward. 

10. Exit Foxy Expedition

The EXIT Foxy Expedition is a robust dark green go-kart for children from 2 - 5 years. The go-kart is easy to steer even by the smallest children, light in weight and thanks to the adjustable seat the go-kart can grow with the children for years. Ride off-road, put on your safari outfit and race over the toughest terrain with the Foxy Expedition. The go-kart has a coaster brake and can be driven both forwards and backwards. The stable, flexible axle ensures that both front tyres stay safely on the ground, even on uneven ground. The Foxy Expedition go-kart also has stable off-road tyres and a great cowcatcher. The solid dark green frame, the sporty rims and the spoiler give the go-kart an adventurous look. The go-kart is equipped with a preparation for a trailer and the sound box with racing sounds makes the go-kart complete. Drive off-road and experience the most amazing adventures with friends.