Best products in the Children's tractors category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Rolly Toys rollyKid John Deere tractor with trailer

A tractor with many functions that makes it an indispensable toy for your prospective farmers, service workers and truck drivers. With adjustable pedal crank, hinged bonnet, stable turntable steering, pedal crank with eccentric bearing. 

2. Rolly Toys rollyTanker John Deere

RollyTanker - large, sturdy trailer with drum-shaped tandem axle for pedal tractors, support wheel with drawbar crank, water-fillable, complete with outlet valve, pump and sprinkler, sprays at a distance of approx. 

3. Rolly Toys Rolly Powerwinch

Powerful attachment kit, fully functional and stable accessories, fits rear or front coupling.

4. Rolly Toys John Deere tractor with loader and trailer

Pedal tractor with front loader and trailer for children from approx. 2 1/2 years of age, protected integral chain drive with adjustable pedal crank, folding bonnet, sturdy turntable steering, can be retrofitted with functional accessories. 

5. Signal cone

Signal cone 26 cm 4 pieces with stripes.

6. Rolly Toys RollyHalfpipe Trailer

RollyHalfpipe Trailer John Deere - large and heavy-duty round dump truck with tandem axle for pedal tractors, tipping function with tipping bar, rear wall to open.

7. Rolly Toys rollyHayWagon Pöttinger

Large stable tipping trailer, automatic locking, tailgate with lock, tipping function

8. Rolly Toys RollyMinitrac John Deere 6150R

This slider has a shelf under the bonnet, an ergonomic vehicle contour with a knee recess, a stable axle leg steering, a steering wheel with horn and whisper tyres.

9. Rolly Toys rolly tanker

Rolly Tanker - large and stable drum trailer for pedal tractors, support wheel with crank on the drawbar, fillable with water, complete with outlet tap, pump and sprayer, sprayed approx. 5 metres. 

10. Rolly Toys rollyFlashlight orange

Indicator lamp with mounting base as accessory for children's vehicles, high radiance.