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1. Pichler Model stand (L x W x H) 590

Model stand Universal, the indispensable helper for every model pilot.

2. Hobbyzone Propeller

Hobbyzone Hobbyzone Sport Cub Propeller, spare part type: Propeller.

3. Hacker Flight Controller Para RC Mix

The Para-Rc Mix is specially designed for RC paragliding and remote controlled skydivers/parachutists. The special mix program of elevator and rudder (or aileron) function allows for prototypical control. This mixer moves on 50% control travel of the transmitter stick to the right a full movement of the pilot arm from the very top to the very bottom. To the left correspondingly the left arm. To this is now added the brake function. When the elevator stick is pulled down from zero position (50%) both arms move proportionally from full up to full down. Left/right and brake are thus mixed, similar to a delta mixer, but with much more control travel (full servo travel).
Thanks to the Para-RC Mix, there is no need for the annoying rubbers on the transmitter stick that were previously popular with paraglider and skydiving pilots. The Para-RC Mix is simply plugged between the receiver and servos, no mixer programming in the transmitter required.

4. Multiplex Transport bag

Easy ascent to the edge of the slope
With our new MULTIPLEX model bag, or carrying backpack for glider models. This ensures practical transport on foot or by bicycle
to the model flying site. Inside there are three separate compartments for the wings and fuselage. The attached outer pocket is ideal for the handheld transmitter and accessories. The two backpack straps are adjustable in length and can also be used as shoulder straps.
Even our popular MULTIPLEX HERON and of course all other models up to approx. 2.40 m wingspan fit into the model bag. Thus, the wings are completely protected and nothing looks out more.

5. Align 325 Carbon rotor blades

ALIGN 325 Carbon Rotor Blades, Symmetrical, for T-Rex 450 Series.

6. Robart Flight transport and assembly stand

7. Modellbau Lindinger Walzblei

For weighing out or trimming models. 30900.

8. APC Propellers Slowfly propeller 10x4.7"

APC Slowfly-Propeller 10x4.7", made of glass fibre reinforced plastic, 1 piece, ideal for park flyers and small multi-copters.

APC Propellers Slowfly propeller 10x4.7"
RC plane accessories
Quantity discount
4.25per piece for 4 units

APC Propellers Slowfly propeller 10x4.7"


9. Du-Bro DU-BRO Tru-Spin Prop Balancer

Epower Propeller Balancer DU-BRO True Spin, Tool type: Propeller Balancer.

10. Pichler LED lighting set standard

Plug-ready lighting set with 7 powerful LEDs, ideal for model aircraft, helicopters and multicopters!
Simply connect the plug-ready LED cables to the LM-1 control
unit and connect the whole thing to a power source of 4-6 volts (e.g. plug into a free receiver slot).